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    Another shooting at UVA.

    They caught him
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    Local So Md Heating oil

    Burch is 5.49 a gallon now for heating oil
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    Non working riding lawnmower

    Ok thank you.
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    Hey, (Part Deux)... support the County Fair...

    Yep 231 is a was busy yesterday also.
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    Non working riding lawnmower

    If I remember one of the tires kept loosing air but here is the serial number and a pic of it. I just put the seat up and can’t get it back down
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    Non working riding lawnmower

    I was thinking of putting this up for sale for its parts, would it be of interest to people or should I even try to sell it? It’s a craftsman
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    Parking in North Beach

    Thank you so much. I appreciate the help. :)
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    Parking in North Beach

    How bad is parking in North Beach around 11am on a Saturday? I looked at the parking map and there doesn’t seem to be much parking. Does it fill up quickly?
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    Quick Power Outage

    It sure was fun driving through it. It was windy as heck
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    If I were forced to take a commercial flight...

    I was going to fly American next month but the airline changed my flight , not a few hours but an actual day before I was supposed to fly. So be careful of that. If you get tickets too far in advance.
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    Trash Service

    I’m paying $90 with Evergreen in Calvert. Looks like I need to switch also
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    Air travel crybabies

    Ok cool thanks
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    Air travel crybabies

    My case has a shoulder strap. It doesn't count as a piece of carry on. I believe they make an exception because its medical equipments Ok thank you
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    Air travel crybabies

    Thank you
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    Air travel crybabies

    Hi I was wondering about the cpap. Were you able to put it in your carryon ?or did it have to stay out of your carryon and carry it separately from the carry on? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense I didn’t know how to word the question. Thank you