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    Costco vs BJ's

    BJs Because the costco here (waldorf) which is in brandywine, is in a CF of a area and I avoid brandywine because of the traffic, eff that Ill stick with BJs because its easy to get in and out of!
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    Local Food Lions purchased by Weis Markets

    Finally went into Weis in accokeek just to pick a few things up to see what it was like inside Not a dang thing changed, it looked exactly the same inside as food lion did, only bought some apples and one sweet thing, but they didnt do anything to wow anyone, all they did was change the name
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    ISO Information Any ideas when Weis Markets will open?

    The one in Accokeek is open already , still havent been in
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    Dryer Repair

    I just had to replace the motherboard in my fridge, couldn't find it anywhere until I found these guys! Never knew they existed until a friend told me, waldorf and upper marlboro locations and they ship p.s. it was like walking into a costco or bjs of appliance and...
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    waldorf - new round about billingsly & middletown?

    It is, where the house in on the corner, and the produce stand across from it
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Here is the entire list, good food lion is crap
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    Small roads around St Mrys College, watch your cars/stuff

    That was everywhere, 30 years ago in Arlington VA (i grew up there) we never locked squat either, now you cant do that any where, doesn't matter if you're at the end of rout 5 in the water, lock your sh*t up
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    Can anyone recommend a caterer

    Smokey Joes!
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    YES!! i'm almost ecstatic! 210 is getting rid of the first 2 lights off the beltway

    Waste of money, all they have to do on 210 is change the frequency of the light cycles/changes. Freaking idiots, they have refused to do so for as long as I've lived here, but now instead lets waste a bunch of $$$ so we can look like we do something good, smh I live right off of 210 near...
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    Wife just squealed

    The shocker I would guess
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    Food Squad Delivery

    The only one in this area, that I know of went out of business in waldorf, the only one left now is and they only charge either 4.99 or 5.99 for delivery
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    Touchscreen laptops?

    Cant go wrong with Asus, love ours! Its a flip screen as well so you can use it as a tablet, touch screen is very responsive
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    Good Source for Traffic News in Charles County?

    I listen to 103.5 most of the day every day (except between 5:50-10:30am when Elliot in The Morning is on) to and from work, and if there are ANY snafu's in southern MD, they report them all the time, not sure why you dont hear them, I usually do. On your way home, dont take 210, take oxin hill...
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    My lawnmower looks like it's been in a mud bog race

    Guys like me? Umm I dont think you know who I am, and I really dont care, but you will not get mine lol