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    Health Insurance Increases for 2018

    Our insurance runs from 1 Aug to 31 July. This year they changed to a new insurance. I just started this job in February. So I had one insurance in Jan/Feb. Switched jobs and started a new insurance in March, then they changed insurance companies on 1 Aug. So I've had my insurance increase in...
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    Another head on collison again mmm, i wonder how it happened?

    It was a family member involved. Not a head on. One car pulled out in front of the other. The occupants of both vehicles are ok.
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    Chester Bennington dead

    Don't boo hoo and cry here when your addict son ODs and dies because I don't see you getting any sympathy. He's committing suicide, just slowly. It may not kill him today or even tomorrow, but eventually. Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
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    Chester Bennington dead

    I don't listen to his music, but damn, I have a little compassion for the guy after reading about him. That was pretty heartless of her, but it is ALWAYS about her. I did read he was the father of 6. Very, very sad for his family and friends he leaves behind. I even listened to a few of his...
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    85% drop in food stamp participants after job requirements restart

    How about we make it a 40 hour a week line, and we give them something to do while they are waiting in line to pass the time?
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    I am the mother of "that child"

    Have a friend with a boat? Maybe if you made him swim in the river, he wouldn't be able to just quit and he'd wear himself out following the boat back to shore. He might even feel a little proud of his accomplishment.
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    How honest do you think most folks are?

    I chased a vehicle down 235 a while back because they left their wallet sitting on the back bumper. Took forever to convince them to pull over because their wallet was on the bumper. I think they thought it was a set up.
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    Mother's Day Brunch

    St. Mary's Elks Lodge off Chancellors Run Road. Excellent breakfast, and it is a fund raiser for our local community. Eggs (plus made to order omelets or fried) bacon sausage waffles cream chipped beef biscuits and sausage gravy home fries fresh fruit coffee orange juice apple juice $10 for...
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    Hematologist/ Oncologist recommendations

    If I may If he died of an overdose he wasn't "clean for two years". Chances are he's been lying about it for awhile and it caught up with him. That's a shame. 28 and life is over. Drugs aren't worth it.
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    I don't have any information to provide but I do want to congratulate you on being 84 and even knowing about this technology. My mom is 83 and it just blows her mind when we try to tell her anything. She actually has a cell phone (flip phone) and every once in a while she actually turns it on...
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    Nobody Works in One in Five U.S. Families

    and that trend will continue as long as we have them sucking off the tit of welfare. Why would they work, they get free housing, free food, free electric, free health care, free education. They live better than I do, and I work full time. If they'd use welfare the way it was intended, as a...
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    Do Women Today.....

    I appreciate the door being held open for me, whether by a man or a woman and I always reply with a thank you. In return I will always hold the door for a man, woman or child and I think it's extremely rude when they can't response with a quick "thanks" or especially when I've had them nearly...
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    Cruise Missles Launched Against Syria

    I understand his analogy just fine. I also understand how things are :shrug:
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    Cruise Missles Launched Against Syria

    We'll agree to disagree. and they aren't stored in the launcher
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    Cruise Missles Launched Against Syria

    Most likely the total opposite! If you had a brand new car in your yard, and a car that was about to die, and you had to pick one to use for an emergency, which one are you going for? Not saying it's true, not saying it's right, just saying history repeats itself. And that is usually how things...