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    You've had all day to defend or repudiate this...

    There that pretty much fixes all about the facts of the matter.
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    AOC suggests Nancy Pelosi is...(guess)

    Nancy's first step, remove her from that Committee she's on! Any other ways she can go?
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    This should be easy stuff...

    Why don't you list the year he said that? Here I'll help you. 2002. About the time Bill Clinton starting flying around with him. Where's that thread?
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    Trump’s warped idea of America

    "while growing out of a specific culture — are transcendent and universal. " Assimilate and become part of our Great Culture. Don't invade and impose your culture on us? There's no reason for Spanish to be taught in our schools. Learn the culture so as not to place a burden its resources.
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    Red Hen Restaurant Owner Defends Server Who Spit On Eric Trump At Chicago Cocktail Bar

    He has not failed at everything!! The best part ran down his daddy's leg!
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    Flags on a shoe vs The United States of Trump

    Are you going dressed as an ANTIFA member? That would be extremely fun for you! You might learn a little respect and how it's given.
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    Should felons get to vote?

    Slim, but I do have a relative that would qualify. His decisions have improved to where I think he could handle the responsibility. But he doesn't have to convince me now does he?
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    Should felons get to vote?

    Once they've served their sentence and released from Parole, they should be granted their constitutional rights. Including firearms. If they're really rehabbed it should be good.
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    ‘Not Exonerated’ Is Not a Standard Any Free Country Should Accept

    Why would you do the homework when the whole reason for "going to school" was developed from False information? The DOSSIER fool.
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    ‘Not Exonerated’ Is Not a Standard Any Free Country Should Accept

    Do you notice the Hillary isn't spouting her face of on the subject! Keeping a low profile with pending investigations as to why this started! As quoted by Sappy "I'm sure Trump will be charged with more crimes before Hillary. Please pin this for future reference "
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    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    It's fine as it is private property. The castle doctrine in TX is most likely pretty good for these homeowner's to defend, life and property. Hopefully as good as Florida's.
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    Michigan GOP congressman says Trump’s conduct impeachable

    Uh, Collusion isn't a crime so there can't be obstruction you twit.
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    Joe diGenova: ‘John Brennan Is the Mastermind’ of ‘Conspiracy to Frame Donald Trump’

    Well he's getting caught. No much of a communist mastermind is he?
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    Obama and Clinton coup attempt.

    Uhh, I think she did get kicked out of school. That's why she focused on OP's education. She doesn't have one herself, that's pretty apparent.
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    What Would an ‘Open Borders’ World Actually Look Like?

    Back when it was occurring, who was that Alabama politician that was at the forefront?