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    Is there a hurricane a comin'?

    Well, have used it in outdoor, temporary potties I've helped build. Use a design out of an old The Mother Earth News. Do your business, sprinkle a couple cups over it. Makes it easier to dispose of when the holding tray gets full.
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    Is there a hurricane a comin'?

    I keep a few ex-kitty liter 3-gallon jugs filled with water for that purpose.
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    Both Cooper and Buff got neutered when they reached 2 1/2#, about 3 months of age. I do not believe they even know they were supposed to have "dangly bits." With Cooper at 17# and Buff at 15#, I do not think they are under size for not having gone through puberty.
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    2020 National Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s County Cancelled Due to COVID-19

    Actually, batter dipped, deep fried oysters are good. However raw oysters? Like slurping back a big wad of mucus.
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    It is possible for that young a cat, folks at the rescue from whom we got Cooper and Buff rescue Baby-Mommas all too often.
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    Somd News poll: Open or Keep schools locked down? VOTE now

    My aunt Charlotte was a teacher in the Springfield, MA public schools for 38 years, taught 5th and 6th grade English. In her opinion the 3 worst things to happen to the profession: The Bachelor's level Education degree. She went to college and had a double major in English and Math with a...
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    The babies

    We should all "suffer" like that.
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    As of July 31 Marylanders must wear masks if they go OUTSIDE

    Tried that tie a knot thing and wore the mask while reading the rest of the posts. Works pretty good.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    When I work that, I do close at 7:50 PM, as I cannot be scheduled later than 8 PM. I use the 10 minutes to take care of the front end trash, a duty I was assigned. However, self checkout is normally closed by 8 PM. Going to be interesting at Customer Service/Returns/Order Pickup starting at 4...
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    Rock And ROOOLLLLLLL!!!!

    We had one come down about 100 yards behind the house in the trees along the stream between us and the next subdivision.
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    Found pictures of our first 3...

    19 year old Calamity Jane and one of her new friends, Hildiekatt Halfshadow, who was 5 months at the time (November 2001).
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    The babies

    We've lost 3 of our cats to cancer over the past 8 years, never easy. :(
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    They are back!

    Necco wafers make for good "action targets" on the .22 range.
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    Couple loses $45K deposit due to virus cancellation

    Damn! I think my parents and in-laws split the bill on $2,500 for our wedding back in June 1982. Had the ceremony in a (then) 150 year old church, and the reception was in the banquet room of a 200 year old tavern. That included a live band for the reception. Meal we had was prime rib and...