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    That's what I did with the mailing.
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    California-Lexington Park area rated second in Best Job Market in America for 2019

    I wonder if that average wage is part of why Lowe's has trouble hiring and keeping enough staff?
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    Cancer Update #?

    I dunno, somehow I think I had better odds with the pancreatic than against the House in Lost Wages. 😸
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    ^Isn't that map actually supposed to be showing millimeters? :p
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    Cancer Update #?

    Ladies, Gentleman and Others ;) Today makes Four and One Half years since the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. As of my doctor going over the labs with me today, no sign of a recurrence of active disease. In fact, the main tumor marker is now almost nonexistent. Also, I continue to be Dr...
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    97.7 The Bay

    ...and here we are, still showing "The Rocket" and Ozzy...
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    Veteran's Day

    In retail, this, or any other Holiday is just another excuse to have a "Sale" with "Great Deals," not to honor the actual Meaning. I'll be at Lowe's this evening, running a cash register just like usual.
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    Christmas Decorating

    Not until Black Friday.
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    New pizza joint opening in Callaway soon

    I'm not confident in the ability of pseudo-hippies who can't spell groovy correctly.
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    Bittery Cold

    Buff (ginger) and Cooper having their usual afternoon nap together. Most closely bonded pair we've had.
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    Bittery Cold

    I walk outside wearing just socks if it's above 30 and there is no snow. That thick New England blood, enhanced by French Canadian - Mohawk ancestry. The critters are in overall good health and humor. Took them to the vet last Friday for the annual well-critter check. Miss Blue tipped the...
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    Does anyone know what poison sumac looks like?

    My first trip to their ER ended with them sending me up the road to the University Medical Center in Baltimore for out patient diagnostic procedures. Second time to St Marys ER was another ambulance ride north, which is when I got the Stage 1 pancreatic cancer diagnosis...still here 4 1/2 years...
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    Southern Maryland closed restaurants

    "No Corona! Dos Equis!"
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    Does anyone know what poison sumac looks like?

    From my Boy Scout days, I know it when I see, but had to look up a picture for you. I think this is accurate for what the berries look like this time of year. I remember the white berries.