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    The Gorilla And The Redneck

    Re: OFFENSE! FOwL! I meant FOuL! Bobby Lee, is my cousin, O.K. my husband!:yahoo: Please tell him to come on home, I still:love:him~
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    I wish you a Christ filled Christmas

    May Gods' Blessing enrich your person~ :yahoo:same to you and your family~
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    hoolie hoo~ :larry: I am in Love & I am a NY Giants fan! go figga' :killingme
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    Gingrich Had Affair During Clinton Probe

    Who is going to save our Country? Who is going to save our Country? I am concerned more about who is savvy enuff a diplomat to save our Country, its policies, agendas and economy
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    Bobby Brown

    Loser? perhaps... B.B has made being a loser...popular :blahblah:
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    Hey Girls

    Hi Ladies.... :larry:
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    St. Mary's County Wal-Mart

    Ah hell naaaaawwwwwwwwwwww.... thanks, I wanted to no what was up? now I do....a Super Sprawl-Mart is coming to town and will take over the minds, hearts & soul of the poor people of the county....get you SPRAWL-MART protection spray...for $ me I have the protection spray by the...
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    Don't join So.Md Singles

    Ah hell naw! I am slow...are you being a pervert Larry? :buttkick:
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    St. Mary's County Wal-Mart

    Oh hell naw! :popcorn: Can anyone tell me wht EXACTLY is going on with SPRAWL-MART?
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    Aww hell naw!

    Why do people over 25 not want to meet new people...I am told "living life" means branching out and meeting new this a LIE :wench:
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    Don't join So.Md Singles

    I had joined So. Md. Singles (professional) affiliation...and the "person" and I use that term loosely....kicked me out and did not want to give my money back...she is truly a loser...
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    R There Limits To What Can B Joked About on this Board?

    I don't kno if I agree, but that was written rhetoric.. :popcorn: Speak ur mind...I haven't read all the postings but from ur mailing-I got the gist, In my opinion, it is important to let people be themselves! spritehoney
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    Why Do Women Divorce Their Husbands?

    thank you for sharing...We should title your writing, "What is it to be a Wife"... Joan Diddion, writer, has a work entitled, "I want a Wife" and in the writing listed all of the wonderful things wives do to please their husbands and she inferred she would like to have "a wife" to do all the...
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    Why Do Women Divorce Their Husbands?

    WOW!! what a question! :larry: rock on!
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    Man drowns trying to retrieve toy boat

    Yes, don't hate.....learn to appreciate :smack: