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    My son has an appointment tomorrow. When I spoke to them on the phone the other day, I was told to go on their web site and print some paperwork out. She gave me the web site address but I was not where I could write it down. Does anyone know what the web site address is? TIA
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    Undercover Cop Poses As Student And Entraps Teens

    Okay, so he did not do drugs, and did not know how to get them himself. It took him a while to get the pot. But instead of her dropping it, she caused him to commit a crime.... Shouldn't she be tried? He did not do drugs, had it not been her pushing, he would not have bought pot...
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    Local sports sign up

    Adults? Kids? Animals?
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    Lost Dog!!

    LOST: German Shepard in Ridge area. Mostly black with some brown on his legs. Fully intact male, one year old. Responds to the name of Bear. If anyone has any information on him please contact one of the following numbers. His is fairly big, I would say he is bigger than a normal German...
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    vendor fairs

    Some of the schools put out ads looking for vendors to sign up. Have you tried joining a Quarter Auction? It may be worth a shot!
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    Droid Text Message Count

    Mine does it, then again I do not have a IPhone. I do have a Droid though, and if I text for a couple weeks and send pictures and things and do not clear it, it will tell me that I need to clear it. And if I do not clear it, it will not accept any new texts.
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    Sippy Cup Drama

    One thing you will learn quickly, is do what is right for YOUR child. My oldest was over a year before she would drink from a cup. My middle one was close to a year. My youngest took it the soonest. I think he was probably 6 months. But he was breastfed so there were no bottles to put...
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    Girl Scout Cookies!!!

    Yes she will
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    Girl Scout Cookies!!!

    Thanks for that, but she will be doing plenty to earn it also.
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    Girl Scout Cookies!!!

    My daughter is in Girl Scouts this year. It is Cookie Time and she wants to sell 150 boxes by Jan 20th in order to earn a special pacth! If anyone would be interested in purchasing some cookies please send me a PM with your info. We do not have much family around so I am trying all avenues I can...
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    Tater Tot Casserole

    Really? I always cook mine first, then add the soup mix. Then I dump in a baking dish, layer the tater tots on top and let them brown, then add my cheese and let melt. This sounds good, it has been awhile since I have had it.
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    Dying at Christmas time

    I was due December 16th 2004 with our first one. She was born on December 1st, and my husband's grandmother got to see her and hold her once. She ended up getting hurt that night, the family tried taking care of her but she went down hill from there. She passed away on December 16th 2004, the...
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    A Soldier Died Today

    Thank you, I just shared that on FB.
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    Bridge Accident

    Hmm that is odd. Okay thanks!
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    Bridge Accident

    Was there a thread on an accident on the bridge? I caught a glimpse of it and when I went to the thread it was gone.