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    Seafood Restaurant

    Foxy Fish is the only seafood place I eat at
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    Genius Alert: Coast Guard seeks public’s help to identify hoax caller near Pamlico Sound, NC

    Yeah their Rescue 21 has a hard time picking them up. By the time we get called or get DF equipment out they have stopped. We get USCG calls all the time for assistance ;)
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    What was your first "Good" or "Fun" car?

    Ahhh hence your screen name- Goes Like Hell S'more ;) Those were cool cars back in my high school days!
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    What was your first "Good" or "Fun" car?

    My fun cars now- 74 Mustang II Ghia, 78 Mustang II King Cobra, and 95 Mustang GT
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    What was your first "Good" or "Fun" car?

    My first car back in 1983 was a 1974 Mustang II. I taught myself how to drive manual trans in my driveway with it, fun little car. Sold it for what I paid for it, it ended up getting stolen from new owner and found in a pond.
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    I've been driving volunteer ambulance for +20yrs and the stuff we see just blows my mind- passing us while our lights & sirens on; tailgating us to get through traffic; completely stopping in travel lanes forcing us to slam the brakes and go around them on a multi-lane road; bird whipped at us...
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    Trump unveils new red, white and blue Air Force One paint job

    It's time for a change, the current scheme is +50yrs old. I like it because there no chrome (polished aluminum) and will make it much easier to clean. I've cleaned/waxed the current AF1 from 1999-2009. I still have a Boeing proposal binder from years ago when they wanted to modify the the...
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    Sporcle 80s Band Names Quiz

    Score 26/26 Timer 04:14 What can I say, I love the 80's
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    Sucks to Own a Toyota

    My friend had one of those recalled Taco's. They said drop it off at dealer asap, they gave him decent money for it and wanted him to buy a new one, he went F150, lol.
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    This Is the Worst Place to Commute from in the United States

    Going on 10yrs from Mechanicsville to DC. Due to my position and the possibility to COOP, I have to drive in. I drive all the back roads for some sanity. Although I think 235 is the craziest part of it, people be driving +80mph at 5am just to end up at a red light, lol.
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    New "Air Force One" Updates

    The current 747's have been in service since 1990, over the years they do get systems upgrades, such as a huge one after 9/11, but the bones are old, 30yrs old. There are "other" newer jets from your time period but they do not meet the requirements that the 747 has.
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    New "Air Force One" Updates

    We've gotten parts off them and museum jets for the VIP fleet.
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    New "Air Force One" Updates

    I'm sure it will run over budget as with any government contracts. The AF and WH will change its mind a ton of times on specs driving up engineering/testing/certification costs. Then they are also going to need all the support equipment/spare parts (both off the self and specialized) on hand as...
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    Sheehy Nissan of Waldorf

    Dealers are slimy rip off artists. I negotiated a price for a 2018 Hyundai online and said that if this the no Bull $h!t "Sheehy Price" price I will be in to buy the car that night. Oh they assured me that's the price. I get there and they try to tack on 3g's, then won't honor any discounts if...
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    What If?

    What if he didn't find his thrills on blueberry hill?