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    Baby names that are reportedly banned in America: What to know

    My friend just took in a heroin addicted baby that the mother named Bowtie (as in Chevy!) If my friend is able to adopt they will change the name, but for now they call him Bo.
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    Hooray For Build Back Better!

    Yes, materials cost went up raising the price of the house, many delays in building, and a single military income. When it all started he was close to DTI., but the bank said good to go for a VA loan. Did he buy close to his limit for his "dream home" for his family on verge of making E8, you...
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    Hooray For Build Back Better!

    My nephews bank just told him he no longer qualifies for the home that he is currently having built due the debt to income ratio with the interest rate now up to 7.25%! When he started the process, it was around 3.5%. The house was scheduled to be finished in mid-December.... The sad part is he...
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    scrap metal

    I brought a small pick-up truck full of scrap metal to the place in Charlotte Hall a couple of weeks ago and got $22
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    New Car Shopping

    I just bought a 2022 Hyundai Tucson Limited 2 weeks ago. Had to pay MSRP, they are selling them off the trucks before they get to dealers. BUT..they did give me $22k for my 2019 Hyundai Kona Ultimate with 70k miles on it that I paid $26k for 3yrs ago. So, I'm up $40 more a month on payments for...
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    Did KISS invent the power ballad?

    Styx Lady (1973) does ramp up a little. Beth was 1976 and much more subdued. When I think of power ballads I always assume hair bands \m/
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    If I were forced to take a commercial flight...

    I detest flying in commercial cattle cars. After10yrs of flying on AF1, I got a tad spoiled, lol.
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    I went there Friday for their cruise in. Food was OK, take out only, they had 6 chairs outside but no tables. Asked for simple pulled pork sandwich and they asked if I wanted it constructed or deconstructed. It's SoMD people, why ya'll gotta be so sophisticated, lol.
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    Tornado Warning 6-8-22

    I'm on Baptist Church and what ever went through last night scared this weather lover. I actually headed to the basement instead of sitting on my front porch. It got nasty fast with small hail, deluge of rain and shear wind. It blew over large potted plants, bird bath and scattered stuff all...
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    How often do you redecorate your home?

    My rental Waldorf house I had built in 1996 still has 2 rooms with original paint. My Mechanicsville house still has all original paint and carpets (except for mom's basement apartment, she changed it up) since built in 2006. I have no sense of decorating and hate it! :D
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    Women beggars at 235/rt4

    I refuse to give money to these people. There are jobs everywhere, businesses are hurting for help. I'll admit I did give a 20 to a dude in DC begging recently, he was wearing a Pats Gronkowski jersey (I'm a Masshole). I was in a good mood that day and yelled Yo Gonk, gave him the 20 and he...
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    What is your skill?

    A MacGyver and Jack of all trades as well. Automotive, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpentry, I have a sewing machine, cooking/baking....and more. Just don't ask me to back up a trailer, lol
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    Tell me your journey

    Coastie brat born in Greenland, call Massachusetts home, retired out of Andrews AFB after 22yrs of AF, decided to stay in MD. Will be leaving in a few years to TX after 20yrs of fed service. F MD taxes ;)
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    With a possible second Cold War

    Time to reopen all those closed SAC bases! B-52's back on alert with nukes strapped under their wings. Miss those days heating water sitting on alert with KC-135A's.