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    Snow !! Part 3

    I have reservations for Fri-Sun at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg..ugh. I don't care, I'm going!
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    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    Foxy Fish, Bollywood Masala, and Thai Inter
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    The best of 2021

    Spent a week at Glacier National Park in Montana
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    Happy Festivus! Air your grievances!

    People not going back to work! We turned around and walked out of 2 restaurants last night because of signs that said sorry for delays, we are short staffed. We did get into La Plata Green Turtle easily where the waitress was tipped 150% for going to work (and did a great job). I would of...
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    Dear men:

    Sweet, huh? lol
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    Dear men:

    I'd go bald but too many bumps on my noggin, I'd bleed like a stuck pig if I shaved it. So I trim it to peach fuzz. To think I had a thick Greg Brady white boy fro in my younger days.
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    So 10 Covid cases fills up the hospital?

    As an EMT, I see many times the ER's are just plain full of people using it as their primary care. Stubbed toes, sick for two weeks, nursing home abnormal labs from a days ago, think they can be seen quicker by taking a "taxi" ride by ambulance, prescriptions ran out, urgent care wants to close...
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Mike Nesmith of the Monkeys dead at 78
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    Namath, Shatner & JJ duping the seniors

    I got my mom a Jitterbug flip phone and as soon as it was activated, people were calling her about expanding her medicare coverage. She didn't know what to do. I took care of them :smack: I can only imagine those elderly who don't have someone to look after them.
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    Twist a song title by changing one word to "fart"

    Going though my iTunes: AC/DC- For Those About to Fart (We Salute You) Coolio- Fantastic Fart Disturbed- The Sound of Farts Extreme- Get the Fart Out Firehouse- Fart of a Lifetime Foreigner- Fart Games Gloria Estefan- Hot Summer Farts Helix- Heavy Metal Fart Hinder- Farts of an Angel Hot...
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    TV hookups

    You can get a sound bar to achieve surround sound without a DVD player
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    TV hookups

    My Sony DVD/Bluray is the surround system (looks like yours). You get an optical cable and plug it into the Digital Audio Out (Optical) on your to TV then plug the other end into your DVD player Optical In. On your DVD player change input to TV and your TV sound should not go through your DVD...
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    Quality Garden Hose Reel?

    I got this one few years ago from Lowes, real nice, no plastic plumbing, swing out, and very sturdy.
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    President Biden spending the weekend at his home in Rehoboth beach

    It's all dependent on the weather, length of runways and passengers on which mode the Presidents take. They'll have a C-32 or even the VC-25 on back-up standby for the helos.
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    Classic Car Mechanic

    Although I do a majority of my own work, 4T's were the only ones I could find to work on my 70's Mustangs on things I could not do such as alignments.