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    NASCAR Kansas, Playoff Race #6

    Gonna have to make this race's picks "blind". Off to where I have no internet or wireless coverage for the weekend. 1 Keselowski 2 Elliott 3 Trues Jr. 4 Bowman 5 Jones
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    Nancy, Schuck, and Stoney walk out of Whitehouse meeting.

    Wow... I think Steny's worse than Nancy.
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    Did anybody watch the debate last night?

    12 on the podium is still pretty painful to watch. Can we expect to see a thinning of the herd for the Nov debate?
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    Trump's Doral Resort to host 2020 G7 Summit

    Can you say Diplomatic Immunity?
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    Mick Mulvaney

    I also got a laugh when a reporter asked him if the WH would cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee's investigation on the WH selecting Doral as the G7 Summit site. (I guess Jabba the Nadler has already commented.) He was at first surprised by the question and then laughed. His response...
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    Trump's Doral Resort to host 2020 G7 Summit

    Plus per Mulvaney, everyone (delegates, staff, etc.) can stay within the resort. Not like the American delegation stays in one hotel, the Brits in another, the Japanese in a third, etc. (Added bonus, no G7 protestors standing outside the various hotels causing chaos.)
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    Coast Guard hoists man and two dogs near Smith Island, Maryland

    Just to add to @officeguy, CG Air Station Cape May NJ was closed in 1998 and its assets moved to the new air station at the Atlantic City airport.
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    Hush puppies

    Basset hound.
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    Mick Mulvaney

    I had the opportunity to hear WH COS Mick Mulvaney's presser today regarding the selection of Trump Doral Golf Resort as the site of next year's G7 Summit. (The wailing and screaming of the progs has already begun on that it seems.) Anyway I was impressed with the way he handled himself. His...
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    Elijah Cummings - RIP

    You just can't help yourself sometimes. Can you? :lmao:
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    Elijah Cummings - RIP

    Oh... it's coming. Count on that.
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    Trump's Letter to Erdogan.... (not satire)

    If the letter causes Erdogen to behave himself and come to the negotiating table, then its a win.
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    So, now that I've read the prog media recap of last night's rally....

    If you live in MD and you voted for a third party candidate, it was not a wasted vote. Since MD is a winner-take-all state and Hillary was going to EASILY win the popular vote, she was going to win MD's ten Electoral votes.
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    St. Mary's Co. Identity Needed for Theft Suspect

    Loreal skin products. :killingme