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    Warren Says Trump Obstructed Russia Probe, Should Be Impeached

    Gotta get out in front of the pack somehow.
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    At least 138 people are dead in Sri Lanka.

    Let's see... how can we spin this and blame it on Trump?
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    Madness...... 3 yo trans?

    I really lost respect for her when she started dating Sean Penn.
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    Kate Smith, the left's most recent target

    Presentism sucks.
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    And In Financial News

    Careful. You're opening yourself up for a page-full of bitchsplaining by our resident Keynesian.
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    Swallow before you read this

    He's not dead yet?
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    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    I missed the Comey statement before Congress so thanks for that. Yeah, Gurps was making a roundabout comparison to my saying Trump's minions didn't follow his suggestions. Unfortunately, being made a saint back then didn't mean all that much. Build a church or two and you are a saint...
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    ‘You told me to': Video shows Charlotte police officer kill man following orders to drop gun

    I'm sure it will be determined to be a good shoot, but I have issues because of the exact same observations you make.
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    Ocasio-Cortez, Omar And Tlaib Call For Impeaching Trump

    I believe you can add Swalwell to the list after listening to him this afternoon.
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    Once again: NO COLLUSION

    I assumed he was responding to you. I was thinking that Mueller is/was Becket, but I can see Comey too.
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    Mueller says messaging apps likely destroyed Trump-Russia evidence

    Damn technology! The government ought to ban it.
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    ‘You told me to': Video shows Charlotte police officer kill man following orders to drop gun

    If they tell you to put the gun down... DON'T REACH FOR IT unless you want to die. Lie face down on the ground with arms out and let them go digging for it.
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    Traffic Rant Is this the new way to ride Motorcycles?

    It's because of that accident at Aster Drive that I stopped passing on the shoulder. If I do pass on the shoulder now (since it is now legal), I do it at a much lower speed.
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    GMU president Angel Cabrera told students So Sad Too Bad

    GMU is a fine institution. I'm very happy to see the inmates are not running the asylum.