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    The Jab

    Your white privilege is showing.
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    Those of you still thinking FAT LARRY is a Republican....

    Larry is a pre-Newt Gingrich country club Republican.
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    This guy has the launch codes Part II

    I just wish he'd let her finish saying whatever stupid sh!t she's going to say. As it is, she doesn't even get to finish a sentence...ever.
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    This guy has the launch codes Part II

    You know Jessie is not going to let Jessica get a word in.
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    This guy has the launch codes Part II

    The Five should be fun to watch this afternoon.
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    What in the hell is wrong with people???

    And people wonder why I have misanthropic tendencies.
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    Sick of Faucism

    Top That can't be right. Douchey23 said Fauci made Rand Paul look like a "sniveling moron."
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    Jen Psaki Dancing and Ducking

    I'm really surprised she's not bailed yet.
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    Now That Biden is in the White House - Democrats are not done with Kavanaugh

    Is it weird that I am scared and aroused at the same time. :lol:
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    Social Security Raise

    My brother tells the story that back in the late '80's he and my sister-in-law brought my parents down to visit. I had to work so everyone decided to check out Point Lookout. They stopped in to either get directions or something to drink. Sitting at the bar was a nun in full habit. My...
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    Social Security Raise

    That's what I thought.
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    Social Security Raise

    Not to change the subject, but wasn't there a bar down in that neck of the woods called Sisters Place or something like that?
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    St. Mary's Co. Corrections Division Awarded in People's Choice Ceremony

    God bless them. If given the choice, I'd much rather be a cop than a correctional officer. (And I wouldn't want to be either.)
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    okay, new from Hollywood....

    Hang on. Emily Blunt is NOT a slut.
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    This guy has the launch codes.

    "Yep", Biden said. "The checkbook is open. Hold out your hands."