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    Check Your Tickets!

    It's a small town. If he didn't win he probably knows who did. I heard is was an older couple.
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    AOC Scarred of Republicans

    Oh... I thought "do you dirty" meant something else. Never mind. :whistle:
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    Good for Bernie. Somebody in his organization has a sense of humor.
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    U.S. Surgeon General, A SOMD Native, Dr. Jerome Adams Resigns

    It should be already understood in positions like that, that when a new administration comes in everyone can be expected to submit their resignations. It is then up to the administration to keep a person in place or put their own person in.
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    Gonna be EXCITING, V3!!!

    The guys at NASASpaceflight were saying SN9 could be ready for the 10km flight as early as Monday.
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    Gonna be EXCITING, V3!!!

    I just caught the static fire. I guess I was surprised how short it was. If you blinked, you missed it.
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    Gonna be EXCITING, V3!!!

    NASASpaceflight just went live.
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    Coverage of President Trump leaving

    Gotta hand it to you. You've explained multiple times why you think the election needs to be investigated, and yet each new MPD comes back and wants you to explain it again.
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    I'm really surprised he's not wearing a hat to go with the mittens.
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    Gonna be EXCITING, V3!!!

    Interesting. NASASpaceflight doesn't have anything live at the moment besides their Port Canaveral Fleet Cam.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Question.

    After I read more, I'm beginning to think the "migration" will need to be a "clean install". The Toughbook is 64-bit capable and I do plan on running it with more than 4GB RAM.
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    The Diet Coke Button is Gone!

    Likely alcohol interferes with his dementia meds.
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    National Guard break time in Capitol-area parking garage gets lawmakers fuming

    Snowden is not so much a traitor anymore huh?
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Question.

    I'm not doing anything though until I hear back from Panasonic. Especially that they have 64-bit drivers for everything.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Question.

    From my initial reading of the Microsoft instructions, it sounds like they take care of all of that. All I have to do is create the install file and backup anything I want to save.