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    Looks like Iran is getting ready to play..,,..

    I thought the Brit Navy was escorting Brit flagged vessels.
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    This woman needs to be removed from office, like now

    Oh look. It's just about noon and Sappy's out of bed and on his computer.
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    This is so cool...

    Here's my takeaway on why this may work. It's one thing to just say here's a place to live. This could provide the rest of the safety net needed to succeed.
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    Non offensive Friday...

    What vehicle did it come off of?
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    ...and it didn't even cost a bullet.

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    ...and it didn't even cost a bullet.

    Wait what... there was a link to a porn site?!!
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    Deporting illegal immigrants thread

    Where exactly on the border is that cannon?
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    Who's With Me On This? ("Top Gun 2" Trailer)

    He tries sooooo hard to be an action hero.
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    A poll on the president's official website.

    Sméagol doesn't see very well in the daylight. :lmao:
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    I saw it and was floored!!! It really happened!

    I bailed on Supergirl last season because of that. Plus the move to Sunday night.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Is that a chain? I seem to remember going to a Pizza Boli's in Rehobeth Beach back in the early 90's.
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    It's maddening

    You forgot, most recently, pedophile.
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    Illinois woman stabbed boyfriend’s ...

    Damn... no photo. I wanted to see the crazy in those eyes.