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    Hill's Mobile Home Park

    Someone said it was a really old park, so that could be anytime from 1943 or after.
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    Local Business Lexington Park Hotel

    Does anyone know if the Naval dormitory later to become the Lexington Park Hotel is where the post office currently sits but closer to the street or on the vacant lot to the left of it, or on the other side of the retaining wall further to the left?
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    Hill's Mobile Home Park

    All, Does anyone know when the former Hill's Mobile Home Park on Great Mills Rd first went into business and when it was converted to open space? I've searched the web and cant find the history of it. Even an educated guess would be helpful as to when it was started.
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    Places To Detect

    All, We are starting a metal detecting club in SOMD and we are looking for a place for our first scheduled club event. Do you have a former Tabaco field that slaves may have at one time harvested, a home over a 100 years old, a farm near Point Lookout, Jefferson Patterson Park or Brooms Island...
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    Metal Detecting Club

    The Lost My Stuff Group This is a national organization that helps people find lost stuff, so if you have lost something or have a metal detector and are willing to volunteer check them out.
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    Metal Detecting Club

    Detector Recommendation I bought a cheap Bounty Hunter Pioneer 2002 As it came with a scope, bag and pointer and got it on closeout at Walmart for 150.00 in Bowie. A great detector if you buy it on Ebay, is the "Garrett Ace 150" selling for $152.95...
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    Metal Detecting Club

    Hi, I am looking for others who are into metal detecting and interested in doing local hunts. I'd also like to start a SOMD club and meet at a local library once a month if there is enough interest. You can contact me @ V/r Jim
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    Let's talk about the Law...

    Ok so were talking the moral law. The law was given to Gods chosen people to show them there need for a savior as no one could keep it so it left then Helpless hopeless and hell bound the sacrifices were implemented as a covering for sin and the lamb need to be spotless but it was never perfect...
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    Why do you believe?

    Death is not a bad thing. None of us are guaranteed any set amount of time and God has numbered our days before we were born. People die because of sin, the wages of sin is death. Adam sinned and we die as well as all creation because of it. Also there is no such thing as a good person by...
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    Kisses from Katie

    I just heard it today on family life, single, young and 13 adopted girls. No husband and slim chances with her ministry.
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    Protestantism's greatest heresy

    I'd rather be called a heretic, than be one! They have a word for this sin, its called idolatry. No protestant church thats worth its salt would give this the time of day, no matter what day you put it on. 2nd Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but...
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    Old Fashioned Christian Tent Revival

    I was thinking US church history, as it’s been a mess all along. My American Church History course was a real eye opener. That’s not to discredit Whitefield or Edwards, but to cause a closer examination of what was taking place and why. The Second Great awakening took place as the church was...
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    Old Fashioned Christian Tent Revival

    No, put at least you knew it was Paul. I went to the facebook page and still couldnt find out a thing. As Seinfeld says whooo are these people? Before I waste my time which is very precious, I want some idea what I am getting into, besides that why disclouse that even if you are an unknown?
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    Old Fashioned Christian Tent Revival

    LoL, I got nothing against a tent meeting, but I am not convinced there has ever been a revival, The second great awakening was a total sham with the likes of Charles Finney and the first one, needs real close examination as to what was taking place at that time and the motivating factors that...
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    Old Fashioned Christian Tent Revival

    No Thanks; the Auction is much more appealing. I went the other year on Rt 4 and had to confront the pastor? /TV evangelist on his false doctrine and then witnessed to some bikers he tried to shame into a conversion publically. If whoever is doing this needs to use prizes to draw people it’s...