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    Caregiver resources in So MD?

    Well, thanks for the response... If I were dealing with an aging parent, those might be helpful. But I'm not so they aren't. Never mind. I'll just carry on by myself. It's worked so far.
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    Exercise bike?

    Late response ... sorry. But FWIW to others who may be tuning in late ... I work from home, too, which gives a lot of flexibility. I submit, though, that if you are trying to "work out" while also trying to "work" ... you are not very committed to either. For my cardio workout, I use a...
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    Caregiver resources in So MD?

    Are there any that are actually useful in St Mary's County? So far, I've found a few, but ...
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    BD -- if you find someone handing out Bennelli's, grab one for me, too :)
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    Clock repair in So. MD?

    Thanks all for the replies -- I will try them and see what they say. I think all it needs is a cleaning, but my fall back is to drop it off in Chelsea on my next trip home (Maine). Thanks!
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    Clock repair in So. MD?

    Is there anyone in So. MD capable of repairing a Chelsea Ship's Bell?
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    Auction this weekend 14 Nov?

    It's actually on Friendship Ct. From Rt 235, turn in at Friendship School Road. Go 8/10 mile and turn right onto Friendship Ct. Just follow the crowd from there. Auction starts at 0830. And they're Mennonites, not Amish ;)
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    Where to buy Christmas Tree

    You might also consider supporting your local Southern Maryland farmer by visiting a local choose and cut tree farm :) The listing in the link above is pretty comprehensive. Thanks!
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    Pathetic laziness of President

    You can choose not to see what's in front of you, I suppose -- that's one of the many freedoms better men and women than either of us have sacrificed to protect. But a (very) quick literature review reveals: What Time Magazine says What the New York Times says What the researchers say
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    Pathetic laziness of President

    *You* can ignore/dismiss/belittle this all you like. But it does illustrate the growing divide in our society between those who have served their country and those who have not. "An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please; An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that...
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    Please email your state rep about gun control

    Concur with all above. EMail is still better than doing nothing, which (regrettably) most of our fellow citizens will choose to do.
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    Golden Beach Parade?

    Would anyone know where I can find out more information about a parade in Golden Beach? Thanks!
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    Local Mennonite Schools

    I just wanted to thank the folks who brought stuff by. The ones I've heard about so far where those brought to Oakville. Wow, the teacher was so happy ... it made us tear up for someone to be so grateful for what was so little. You would have thought the 1988 edition of the encyclopedia were...
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    Local Mennonite Schools

    Wow! Gosh .. you all are really something. Yes, they are excellent neighbors and friends. On their behalf, I'll thank you all now. This is a busy place. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find where I posted this so I'm glad I left the tab up on my browser! But now I know where to look for...
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    Local Mennonite Schools

    As everyone prepares for the beginning of the school year, and MAYBE you're cleaning out some old school supplies from last year, can you keep in mind our local Mennonite schools? We just took over a box of scrap paper (one side still good for writing), some steno books that were half full...