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    So apparently we're going to get some money

    People are being pathetic over this money... Sit down you haven't been working nor were you laid off because of the virus (my husband was)
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    The last person

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    The last person

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    The last person

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    DNR DNR Activities During State of Emergency

    Its been dead at Point Lookout and I hope it stays that way......
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    I think I Have the Corona Virus!

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    So what's with Point Lookout?

    There has always been a fee.
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    So what's with Point Lookout?

    10.00 is for the boat ramp. Rest of the park is closed from sunset to sunrise. You have to pay 3.00 during those hours. No free rides.....
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    Another day of WINNING in Trumpland!!!

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    Happy Belated birthday

    Happy Belated birthday
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    The last person

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    3 Men Arrested in Connection with Stabbing, Shots Fired Robbery in Lex. Park

    Pure animals. Seven yr sentencing for two of them.
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    5 Dogs left outside in 11 degree weather today

    they have shelter, hay, water.......