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    Tetanus shot

    Most CVS's do vaccinations of all manner. Go to to make an appointment. The one in Target sometimes even gives out coupons to save on shopping after your shot.
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    Another tear down

    Looks like the old Inter Thai building is being dismantled. (Didn't that used to be a Roy Rogers?)
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    St. Mary's Co. Shooting in Lexington Park Under Investigation

    Seems like there is some sort of gang turf war going on. Doesn't seem that anything is being done about it.
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    20 years since La Plata Tornado

    Drove home to Hollywood (at the time) from Berkeley Springs that day. The sky was purple/black behind us the whole way. By the time we got home, the destruction was on the news. Must have crossed Hughesville right behind us.
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    SMECO raises rates 25% per KWH effective Feb 1st.

    If you have an Elon-mobile, home charging is 30-44 miles per hour, so you get a full "tank" overnight. Superchargers claim 200 miles of charge in 15 minutes, but we've never seen that much. It also depends how they wired the superchargers - I swear some businesses with a bank of superchargers...
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    New McKay's...

    Is the liquor store part 20% off too?
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    People Can’t Drive!

    Why did he have to try to take people with him?
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    So long, Golden Corral

    The building was halfway demolished yesterday. Didn't look they were trying to save and recycle any materials - just crunch and dump. Can't imagine how many slurpees 7-11 is going to have to sell to pay for demolition and building new.
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    Has anyone seen coyotes in clements?

    Game cam caught an absolutely huge one in Town Creek/Esperanza Farms area. They are all over base, too.
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    Batteries Plus Opens New Location in Prince Frederick

    They can save a lot of time on oddball batteries. Went into B+ in California with a key fob on life support. They popped it open, had the weird battery in stock, put it in, and off I went. A rare dose of convenience and customer service.
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    New Italian restaurant

    Why do local restaurants shun advertising?
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    Are we back to hoarding?

    Funny how the meat disappeared after Brandon said he was going after the evil meat conglomerates.
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    Latest ABB mystery.

    Good name, since their service goes down in a breeze.
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    Boaters that go missing

    One would think that the Navy or Chesapeake Bay Labs could have used side scan sonar and found his body if they tried. Can't imagine not being able to lay your family member to rest.
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    What's your favorite SoMD restaurant?

    Nick's has good prices on lunchmeat and liquor, so you can make a day out of it.