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    Push for 'shall-issue' concealed carry in MD

    None, just as there are now. The only thing preventing him from carrying now is a few words in a book in Annapolis (i.e. Code of Maryland)....In that very same book, there are words that describe when the use of force is legal. Your BIL sounds like a blowhard, but one that generally obeys the...
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    St. Mary's education in the news

    Exactly - it's all in how you spin it....Emphasize the "fleeing to avoid persecution of the oppresive State Church" and it'll be included. :duh:
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    More maps

    Hardly....While a greater PECENTAGE PER STATE in many Red States are higher, the GREATER NUMBER appears to reside in the Blue States. WV has a very high rate, but it has 316,000 below the poverty line while CA, with a lower rate, has over 4,700,000 (15x) below the level. (numbers from the last...
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    One more YOU BIG IDIOT DEMS!!!!!!!!

    I have a hard time seeing this happen, but I have this mental image of a conveyor belt, moving to the left, with the democrats just ahead of the republicans; a big gray bin marked "SOCIALISM" is at the end of the line. Just try to imagine W standing before the AARP saying "Ask not what your...
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    Micheal Moore...

    Being the sensitive, common-man that he is, I'm sure he obtained permission from each of the families before using their images in such a mannor.
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    Thanks to Homeland Security we're safe from the Magic Cube

    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is now part of the Department Homeland Security too...Expect stories of HS "agents" shaking down flood-plain residents to purchase flood insurance, "instead of fighting terrorist" The Coast Guard is part of HS as time the Coast Guard...
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    Whooa Just heard about a new site!

    It is:
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    Terror attack election eve countdown...

    Considering we have 2000 lawyers in FLA already with 10,000 more ready to invade, the press hyping "will your vote count" stories, activists everywhere claiming disinfrachisement, and a whole bunch of newly registered voters that won't be allowed to vote because either they filled out forms...
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    not mentioned?

    Not the ones that can outsource to cheaper-labor countries... :silly:
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    AK-47's & Vodka

    Wonder if the two leading "Mom" groups will combine to become the "Million Madd Marching Mothers"
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    Chancellor's Run Road

    Because the residents of Hickory Hills fought to keep it that way, by opposing the FDR Boulevard extension.
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    Chancellor's Run Road

    This is were we differ, that the U-turner has not completed his movement by crossing lanes (into the side door of a right-turner?), but I give. :notworthy :peace:
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    Chancellor's Run Road

    I see a southbound 235 vehicle wanting to access southbound 237, and a northbound 237 vehicle wanting to access southbound 237. Neither can "complete" their manuever without interfering with the other. Therefore, because of the reasons mentioned previously, the 90-degree turn trumps the...
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    Chancellor's Run Road

    It’s not about vehicle performance expectation (e.g. because a tanker cannot make a switchback turn into Sheetz does not give him the right-of-way to drift into the left lanes prior to the turn.). The “control” on SB 235, a yield sign, is no more restrictive than the “yield” inherently...
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    Chancellor's Run Road

    Just to be clear, we're talking about the 235/237 intersection.....People turning south onto 237 (from southbound 235) vs. people U-turning south on onto 237. If the U-turners are to "yield the right-of-way to any approaching vehicle that is so near as to be an immediate danger" (not just to...