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    Here's something to trigger a seizure

    That big white one centered on Cove Point, blast radius?
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    Here's something to trigger a seizure

    Now what does the colors indicate?
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    Are you a betting person??? Are you??

    Since he was English most likely rugby.
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    Are you a betting person??? Are you??

    Gaelic football at least permits body contact and has goalposts.
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    Believe it's a coordinated attack by the post office to encourage EFTs and move away from a cash society. Too many cities being hit with thefts to be a gang hitting mailboxes.
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    Helo Action
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Dying like before, you just know who they are now.
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    Disney is destroying itself

    He was in charge when they came up with this flop.
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    Damn. The Clintons must have learned a new tactic.

    That white one in the center is the origin, the others were just exposures. How much plastic is used today, fenders and hoods gone not just burnt. Hot enough to melt some aluminum.
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    O Of course it's in the wrong color.
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    Another shooting at UVA.

    Read one article from some online rag that they have exclusive knowledge that authorities are focusing on the ROTC program at the university because the murder used a K-Bar. That there is journalism.
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    One dead, up to 14 injured after driver crashes into Massachusetts Apple store

    Love the tents and people loitering in the collapse zone.