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    Local nitwit busts herself out

    Maybe it's one of those "ironic" tattoo spellings.
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    Darwin award in stinky convicted!!

    If this it true, that is............................... F-ING HILARIOUS!! :killingme
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    This really bugs me...

    Hmm that's a good point. Especially since the friends will buy dinner and drinks at Mexico!
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    This really bugs me...

    Meanwhile you pay $5 a gallon for milk and I'll get a free glass from the food shelter.
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    This really bugs me...

    I think I just found a new place to get dinner! What do they serve there, spaghetti and what not? Sounds like a pretty good meal to me. It also sounds like there are lot of people here who are just angry and jealous because they do not have the guts to do what some of the people are doing.
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    If someone knows onewisemnky

    Don't forget to edit out the phone number from your post once you get in touch with the person you need to. :howdy:
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    Uh oh, Lisa has competition!

    From reading this thread it must be Hank. Unless Hank has a new girlfriend. :whistle:
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    In honor of Columbus Day

    Dumb. I thought you were going to make a joke this this: Chris Columbus - IMDb
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    Good Ole Boy System...

    Not Bob Dylan...this is 2013. Maybe Miley Cyrus or one of those cool people. My underwear needs a chaning'....damn what was it again?
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    Obama orders the ocean closed

    Oh so now that you realize the absurdity of it, you try to play it off like you knew it was a joke the whole time? Nice try.... :howdy: And BTW...the weed is what opens my mind. Much like in the sense that someone once told me that they dropped acid because it opened their mind.
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    News report: Obama shuts down entire universe

    Idiocracy was not just a bad comedy, it was look into the future!
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    News report: Obama shuts down entire universe

    :whistle: I think it happened because of "obamacare". What's funny is this sounds oddly familiar to the claim that: "everything was Bush's fault." I think I can feel the collective brain cells burning away as people do less and less thinking for themselves. :popcorn:
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    Obama orders the ocean closed

    I'm sorry sweetie...the adults are talking. Maybe you can go play with some dolls or cars or something. You must be a child if you think some park rangers are going to shut down the ocean.
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    Obama orders the ocean closed

    Not once did I comment on the irony or stupidity of paying rangers to keep people out of a park while the park itself is supposed to be closed due to the government shutdown. What I am saying is that the ocean cannot be shut down because some stupid park in Florida is closed. But I'm sure...
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    Obama orders the ocean closed

    You mean did I see that part that says "access to the ocean" in the article? You are aware that that "access to the ocean" from a park and the ocean itself are two different things, right?