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    Words Of Wisdom

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    Alyssa Milano: “But isn’t it worth trying?”

    I wonder if they should just kill the first-born. How'd that work for Ramses?
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    China to exempt U.S. pork, soybeans from additional tariffs: Xinhua SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China will exempt some agricultural products from additional tariffs on U.S. goods, including pork and soybeans, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said Friday, in the latest sign of easing Sino-U.S...
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    A Coffee Thread

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    Trump Trolling ........

    When did China and Russia stop being superpowers?
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    Gun control

    I will concede the point. Your opinion defeats my opinion, as you see it: I concede that.
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    Gun control

    Because that portion has been nullified by the 11th amendment.
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    Gun control

    In its entirety: Still don’t see anything like “arbiter of constitution”.
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    Gun control

    I did, in the constitution, and “arbiter of the constitution” is not listed.
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    Gun control

    You proved it is some people’s opinion that it’s false. I can provide other, contemporary to Marbury and preceding Marbury, that the opinion on which you rely is wrong. That doesn’t make my sources more right. It makes them (us) all having opinions. The constitution itself does not grant...
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    Gun control

    I would urge you to look up "nullification".
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    Gun control

    You're talking about what the supreme court decided the supreme court's authority is, not stated anywhere in the constitution.
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    Saudi Oil

    He could invade Venezuela and turn it into an American colony, since the United States is all about wars for oil and imperialism. Those are the charges against the US, right. So, NOT doing that to such a weak and destabilized country would kind of prove those charges wrong, and doing it...
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    Gun control

    That's certainly an argument that could be made. I see no implicit nor explicit limit in the constitution, though.
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    $1,000,000,000,000 WINNING!!!!!!!!!

    It's always appropriate to cut taxes. We went over 100 years with no income tax, and could return to that if we just followed the constitution. Where you're right is that it is inappropriate to have the level of spending we have. What you and @transporter seem to be upset with is not the...