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    More Liberal Honesty

    I think you're conflating "country" and "government". As in, they love their country, but they'd really love it if their government were back to something closer to what it was in the 1970's. Sort of like a good conservative - we love our country, but fear/hate our government that has greatly...
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    More Liberal Honesty

    The same article you quoted below was the ones that said "thousands" and not "hundreds of thousands". I guess when you threaten to kill people if they don't go to the funeral, hundreds of thousands must show up, at least according to some of the news sources. I'm glad we can agree that it is...
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    More Liberal Honesty

    So you CAN watch videos!!
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    Trump’s ignorance has created an international crisis

    Which was in direct response to.... Which was in direct response to... Which was in direct response to.... infinitum. If you ignore the religion-based attacks on the west from Iranians or other Muslims, this seems to go back to the early '50's when they formed an oil company with the...
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    "Climate change caused the fires in Australia!!!"

    It's clear that this one event is strict evidence of man-made global warming/cooling, but any record cold day or unusual change in weather on the cooler side is NOT indicative of anything because it's just a single weather event. I can't believe you don't understand that :stompyfoot:
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    Anatomy of a Trump rally: 67 percent of claims are false or lacking evidence

    Interestingly, 100% of the impeachment charges are false or completely lacking evidence. That makes the analysis that Trump is more honest than the House. Granted, that's not a high bar to jump, but he cleared it with a LOT of room to spare.
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    More Liberal Honesty

    So, you can’t judge the comments audibly without context, but you CAN judge them if you read them without context. :lmao: What a joke!!
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    More Liberal Honesty

    You have a minuscule point in the abstract; people edit Trump videos routinely. Where you lose even the tiniest bit of credibility is by not watching and judging for yourself.
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    More Liberal Honesty

    You could always watch it and decide for yourself. You’ve spent more time defending not watching (and not knowing for yourself) than you would have spent just watching it and thinking all on your own.
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    More Liberal Honesty

    My personal guess is that they get so much wrong under one, they have to start anew to try again, "cuz this time, I'll show 'em!!"
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    "Whyn't you tell us you were going to take out Soleimani?"

    I really wish you wouldn't make statements like this, because the obvious question is "why?", and I know you have no idea why except that you get upset when he doesn't do what you think he should. And, you won't answer "why" because you have no idea. So, the question is left here, and you...
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    Iraq's Wants The US To Pull Out

    If Iranians want to kill Iraqis and Iraqis want to kill Syrians and Syrians want to kill Qatari's, etc., etc., I'd say in the end we really have no say in what other countries do to each other. That worked really well for us before WWI and WWII, right? Because, in the end, they're all going to...
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    More Liberal Honesty

    The amount of people against him are not "pockets of dissent". They're pretty much the mainstream. A. There weren't "hundreds of thousands" gathered to mourn. There weren't tens of thousands. There were thousands. B. There's little to no evidence they were gathered to "mourn". It was a...
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    This Made Me Laugh!

    Feminists would not stand for the Selective Service registration to turn into a draft. They’re excluded from the ability to register and would raise a HYUUUGE protest.
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    Comedian George Lopez “We’ll do it for half.”

    For the umpteenth time, why does it matter who he is? If he was a golfer or singer or welder or billionaire or homeless or sharpens colored pencils for a living, would his words be more or less offensive?