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    Dog Boarding-Hughesville

    poms are great dogs and boxers are usually very calm.....maybe someone can just go check on her dog and have her leave it at home where it would be more comfortable in its surroundings instead of in a kennel somewhere, that is just cruel.
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    Plaza Tolteca

    you can always husband won't eat Mexican food either and they are more than happy to make him a steak and French fries at montereys, since they have steak dishes on the menu and French fries for the kids, they even fry up some onions for his steak if he wants :)
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    Rescue or Help Needed

    she's very pretty, but the sadness in her eyes just breaks my heart, I know you will make her happy again. after so many years, I would have to find someplace I could take her with me that accepted her, but I guess the owners did what they thought was best. Thank god she found a good home.
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    sores on cat

    now that is something to think about....the cat in question becomes one with the heater lol:howdy:
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    sores on cat

    they eat dry and canned food, and i am afraid to even try fish oil since this cat is allergic to fish lol...he does have some dry skin but that is from the excessive licking with the sores, thank goodness they are almost gone.:yahoo: my cats like coconut oil and that really helps with their...
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    sores on cat

    no plastic dishes, and definitely no dirty dishes that is just gross, i wouldn't want my food served on a dirty dish, and there is no way my animals are being served on a dirty dish either. but like i said i found the culprit thank goodness :yahoo:
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    sores on cat

    he could still smell it, but he had to get it off his paws after it was there lol. It got to the point he would jump backwards when i saw me with it on my fingers lol
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    sores on cat

    It was temptations, but i am sure it was not the brand since they have always had them, but more the amount i was allowing him to bribe me for. No mom doesn't used the same treats as a i do.
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    sores on cat

    I just wanted to post about my cat. He suddenly started getting sores around his face and neck. I knew he had some food allergies to ocean white fish, but had not been feeding him anything with that in it so i was very confused by the sores. i tried everything, to include giving him very...
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    Missing Dog from St. Inigoes / Villa Road

    let's hope they put a collar on and maybe not let him run freely, so glad he is home :)
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    White Kitten needs foster or forever home

    awww :( how could anyone do that? she's a pretty baby :) Is she white and grey?
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    Old/broken crayons needed

    Those are absolutely adorable!!!!!
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    Urgent : Pit Bull Rescues in somd?

    and make sure it is not the same one that has a 10 month old puppy that keeps attacking the's under the post "puppy"
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    Officially coming to Pax River area...

    how is everything going? i hope everything is looking up :)
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    found german shepard puppy

    Advertisement - Pets & Animals i saw this in the classified just in case it is this dog