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    Calvert's Growth problem

    Just wait til the 2nd Bay Bridge span goes in in lower Calvert lol.
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    Hollyrock Diesel Douchebags - step in

    [roddrugg] My grandma had an old C10 that blew out black smoke all the time but mostly because it ran off skunk droppings. My uncle had invented a animal feces engine conversion kit that plugged into any engine. Worst thing was grandma made us set the skunk traps and we had about 15 skunks in...
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    Can't wait for the FB pictures of 40-somethings acting like teenagers again.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Was it a Lowe's or Super Walmart they were proposing at the old Calvert High area that got voted down by small town calvert groups, and also one of the Commissioner's has a family run small hardware business, which they did not want to approve the outdoor section relating to garden/nursery...
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    Before Fiesta Pollo in Lexington Park

    I was only a kid then but I thought the Arthur Treacher's was up from that location, in the place that became a 7-11 during late 80's/90s and is now a small white building with some kind of business in it. On the left BEFORE you hit car dealers coming up GMR. After that one closed, there was...
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    Our bingewatch now: Boardwalk Empire

    Maybe because it was one of my first series like this I watched, but it's still one of my favorites. Chalky White is my hero.
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    Mosquito Explosion

    Don't tell me. Had to move something and it required me to change out the hitch on my truck to fit the trailer. Problem was I hadn't had my hitch removed in a while. Had to lay on the ground with a baby sledge just tapping away for 30-40 minutes while the mosquitoes fed away. They are...
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    Locksmith that will program car key?

    Ace said they could do one for my Dodge pickup, but it would only work the ignition and not the electronic buttons. Luckily I found the key the next day. Also, call ahead. They tell you on the phone they can do em, but when you get there and go to counter theyll say that's a special machine...
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    Broomes Island Stoney's

    Here in Maryland, do you really want "fresh" shrimp that was caught in the gulf waters and sent to a distributor and then to the restaurant/market, what, 5 or 6 days later? They also did a WaPo article on that years ago. A lot of these huge fish companies actually have processing plants right...
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    Anyone Been to These Restaurants?

    The Cove is a small coffee/tea joint with lite fare or coffee house style menu, I believe, not a full restaurant.
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    Song of the south

    James Baskett (Uncle Remus) was the first African-American male to win an Academy Award. It was of the honorary version, but still the first. I think Hattie McDaniel won as a female for her portrayal of Mammy in Gone with the Wind previous to that.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    There's definitely been a tradeoff. People don't want the growth but don't mind the cushy base desk job with great benefits. How many folks would be able to work for themselves and run an HVAC, plumbing or any trade/service business if not for the population boom. If not for the proximity to...
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    Margaret Brent School Out of Control?

    I've never understood the need for Ph.d's and master's or even four-year college degrees to teach elementary/middle school kids. Tons of us grew up with great teachers who just were good at it. It can even come down to personality type of someone who can be socially involved and lead a group...
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    Margaret Brent School Out of Control?

    I've heard more than one person say, "That's how it works. It's feast or phantom."
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    Margaret Brent School Out of Control?

    I have to largely agree with LR. With kids in the public school system, I have begun to question many things. What is most problematic is the kids come home most days, I ask what they did, and there is very little for them to tell me. Their homework is 20 minutes of reading and whatever math...