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    Well, That Was Nice

    Other good eastern shore stations if you can find: 107.1 the Duck, still plays old motown and 60s songs and classic rock, not like the DC ones. There was another called Kool Oldies 104.3, but the Duck just bought them out. There's a classic country station out of Preston area 100.9, true old...
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    Windshield Replacement

    Bowles Mobile Glass.
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    The School crisis is about to go Defcon 4

    FWIW, my older daughter in private school does have homework, although less than what she had pre-COVID. My other two in public school have just about zero homework, though. And I mean literally zero. I have no idea if this makes it tougher or easier on the teacher's work schedule, though...
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    McKays in Leonardtown- How long do you give it?

    Is that the Rita Weaver nut who went off in the Board of Ed meeting a ways back? Or am I misthinking that.
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    McKays in Leonardtown- How long do you give it?

    Saw a FB post for what it's worth, Leonardtown store closing end of June?!?
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    Hottest redhead actress

    Prime Lindsay Lohan, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane (if she counts as red).
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    McKays in Leonardtown- How long do you give it?

    Woods ran briefly into the '90s, maybe even close to '95. I was renting a place in Mechanicsville around '92-'93 and it was open.
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    St Mary's looking at Bay Ferry?

    But wouldn't volume considerably increase, say, 3-5 years after installing the ferry when there's the move of folks to the cheaper side in Somerset and Chincoteague willing to commute and get cheaper real estate, etc. No idea what that round trip to Pax would look like, though, or vice versa...
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    St Mary's looking at Bay Ferry?

    I often think a ferry makes much more sense than another bridge span, but who knows, doubt it really gets done. I don't see why to the northern neck area, though. Much more sense to connect the hugeness that Pax has become with Somerset County, the poorest county in Maryland, and the...
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    From Sports Bar to Soup Kitchen

    Yeah unless something changed recently, the food sales are required on the restaurant side but not on the tavern/bar only side. Taverns I think just have to provide something - snacks, chips, pizzas, pickled eggs (lol), etc. Restaurants have to fill out a prior year's food/alcohol ratio report...
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    From Sports Bar to Soup Kitchen

    If there's one thing EVERYONE knows about, it's bars/restaurants and food service. Just ask anyone and they'll tell you. Just read this forum and you have experts. Not a knock, just a common subject but very opinionated. Something everyone feels like they're an authority on. Most of the...
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    Help for Pier 450……

    It states now on your liquor license reapplication that if you do not turn in properly, you may lose "grandfathered" approvals, such as drive-thrus, etc., which may be part of their seating. Or it could be that during COVID, restaurants were allowed to move things to outside seating without...
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    Boaters that go missing

    Two questions aside from the PFD: Is there a "usual" length of a time that it takes a body to resurface? And I know for larger things like planes or boats they can do a drift diagram on likely areas, etc. But for something as light as a human maybe that doesn't apply, or maybe also not on a...
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Dollar General is really a smart idea, taking a franchise and replacing the old conveniently located country stores and markets in the outlying areas or just before you hit the lights and traffic. Live in Hollywood and don't want to go to California, we got you. Live in Mechanicsville and...
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    I guarantee you if Gruden was winning they'd never fire him

    This is a bad take. They were 3-2 and Gruden was their guy. It was just too big a mess to go any other way. He had previously been their coach and pretty much the last one to have any success.