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    The "educated" voter

    For the price of Iraq we could have cut the tax rates by how much? So let GM die? It's a bold, libertarian idea, but it would have crushed thousands of jobs and likely destroyed the regional economy. In an up economy, GMs failure would have simply been an opportunity for someone else. In a...
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    This war on women thing

    Actually defunding PP was one of several things. But have at it. Maybe? You couldn't spend twenty seconds to look up what else they do before you rant about them? Actually, you could just look at their financial statements. Wow. You're proposing ending all grants of government money...
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    The "educated" voter

    True, and he stated why: the fallout from the recession was worse than anticipated and he was unable to live up to this. The CBO put a large chunk of the blame on the cost of the Wars, the Bush tax cuts and the massive increases in cost. None of this was addressed by Romney, whose plan was...
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    The Stupid, the Crazy, and the anti-American!

    You numbers are right. My source was wrong & I concede that point, the actual jobs gained is ~200k. However, I believe my overall point and other facts stand. Voting for Obama does not make a person stupid, anti-American, crazy or ill-informed and the endless slinging of political bile...
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    The "educated" voter

    > What he’d do with the deficit? It's down about 400B in the last few years. Deficits go up in recessions, now it's coming back down. I'd like it to come down faster, but that means stabbing sacred cows like entitlements & defense. > Where unemployment would be at this point? "would...
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    The Stupid, the Crazy, and the anti-American!

    Hey, lets see how stupid and crazy I am. Obama and his policies over the last 4 years had almost nothing to do with the price of gas. As much as Republicans (or Dems during the W years or anyone every other year) love to point fingers at each other, there are 3 reasons gas prices are high...
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    VP debate thread

    Actually. You might be right.... The numbers I'm seeing from other sources come out to 10B DoD dollars a month in Iraq and 2B a month in Afghanistan. I think I misread a table in the CRS report.
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    VP debate thread

    Not a math major, but I do understand that the value of 100B a month/52 isn't of much use. The yearly cost is 100B * 12 months, so 100*12 = 1200/52*3 = 70B Oh, and the estimate for FY2007 and FY2008 is up to ~120B a month, but those are from sources other than the Library of Congress. So...
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    VP debate thread

    Here's what I saw. Palin was congenial and ready to answer, but she was steadily reciting the same answers over and over to questions she wasn't asked. When she pulled the "maybe I'm not answering the way the moderator wants", it was more or less over for me. It's a debate, not a speech...
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    VP debate thread

    It's true that McCain voted opposite Obama (there were several votes, none of them binding), but the 42K number is misleading. I don't have any sources on this data, but I'm more concerned about what the middle brackets pay, personally. In a few incredibly rare instances. The bulk...
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    Obama McCain Tax Policy Outlined

    First, some real welfare statistics to correct your ignorance. 50% of all welfare recipients are off welfare within 2 years. 75% are off within 5. Three quarters have 2 or fewer children and only 10% have more than 4. The majority go ON welfare because a wage earner has either become disabled or...
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    No Obama, No Lies. Know Obama, Know Lies

    This is the source of your political information? This.... crap? I was going to do a little research to discredit this, but Snopes beat me to it. Obama's 50 Lies Honestly, if you want to support McCain or oppose Obama, at least put a little effort into finding factual...
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    Hey Pete or Baja

    If you've got a slider [L] - [X] - [R] then you either have a seperate switch or you don't have flashers. I don't think I've ever seen a Japanese bike with the flashers built into the signal slider.
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    Coaches with their own kids on their team?

    If you don't allow parents to coach their own kid's team, you'll lose tons of coaches. In fact, every team my kids have ever been on has been coached either by me or a parent of another player. So let's replay that conversation that first year: > Sir, we'd like you to volunteer to coach...
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    Wii Fit

    For carpet issues a friend uses a cheap welcome mat. It's got a rubber back and dense carpet on the top. Seems to work fine, I guess she didn't like the carpet pegs. Friend of the kids has berber carpet and it seems to be perfectly happy on top of it.