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    The MPD thread made me think of the old forums

    Haven't logged on for a long time. Damn things have changed. Good to see some people I remember.
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    If you dont love the Scots, you should......

    Are any of their beers available in Maryland? I'd buy some just because. Good for them
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    celtic festival

    For the musicians out there, these guys are truly amazing in that bagpipes aren’t tuned to play in a normal key. A standard bagpipe which is properly tuned falls somewhere between B flat and B. It can somewhat be adjusted to a concert pitch of B flat so that if you’re playing with other...
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    Tracey Allen Band

    Hole in the Wall
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    Tracey Allen Band

    Anyone heard of them? They called the Hole wanting to play. Looks like they've played at Ruddy Duck and some other places around Lusby.
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    Million Muslim March Planned in DC on 9/11

    2 million vs. 1 million
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    Have you purchased a regulated firearm in Maryland

    :yay: Good catch, seems like the form itself is illegal since it doesn't contain a disclosure about your SSN.
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    Have you purchased a regulated firearm in Maryland

    Mainly recent purchased (within the last 3 months) but someone found records on the unsecured database going back to 2012
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    Have you purchased a regulated firearm in Maryland

    If you have a clearance and your PII is compromised, it could effect your clearance. Has nothing to do with the database.
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    Have you purchased a regulated firearm in Maryland

    If you've purchased a regulated firearm in Maryland recently your personal information might be compromised. The MSP farmed out your application to other agencies this past weekend. They used...
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    So what IS there in Mechanicsville?

    You said in your original post that you were from Pittsburgh, so am I. Think of down here as leaving Pittsburgh and driving to Washington, PA or Somerset, PA. Once you get out of the city and suburbs, lots of farms with small towns here and there. Same down here, leave DC, go through all the...
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    Mission BBQ

    I was one of the two in line in front of you. Picked up lunch for 10 people in our shop, only took a couple of minutes. Super fast service, they're almost tripping over each other to serve you. One of the guys behind me was called before he even put his change in his pocket. You should have...
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    Rusty in the Middle

    They played for us a couple of times. Last I heard Justin split from them and is doing solo stuff.
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    New Budweiser Size

    ALCOA Aluminum developed the bottles in Pittsburgh, Iron City was the first to test them. Budweiser was the first beer to use them. :buddies:
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    New Budweiser Size

    Hell, I'll take a 10oz, pour out 2 ounces and squish the middle of the can if you want bow tie shaped. and sell it to you 1 for the price of 2! :buddies: