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    Gate 2 Traffic

    Report of vehicle struck by gunfire on 235 at or near the gate. TR
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    Night Rainbow!!

    Who saw it? About 18:15 the full moon was rising in clear air in the east, back lighting the clouds and rain to the west. lasted only 12 minutes. Pretty awesome sight. TR
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    Farting coworker

    10 posts and nobody suggested a force on force reaction......bunch of wussies. TR
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    Shots fired inside the US capitol

    Go back and read the first 3 pages of this thread or so....and then ponder what we know as of right now. TR
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    Great Mills Rd into Gate 2 right lane

    Are you really saying limiting Gate 2 traffic to one lane in the morning and lunch return would eliminate this problem? TR
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    Laundry List From SB 281

    If your done with your edits, I will apologize now and let you know that what is known as of today is excerpted in the above posts. TR
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    Laundry List From SB 281

    You know at the risk of being a dick here on an already emotional issue for us gun owners..... I have to tell you, your lack of knowledge on where this bill stands indicates that you have not been engaged much with the process in Annapolis the last 2 months or so. I estimate around 10,000 of...
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    Video: Brawl Erupts over Food Stamp handouts

    I'm here to get my ####! Savages............... TR
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    Sequestration 2.0

    I saw a cute little sticker the other day on the way into gate 1 that read "We won...get over it". I vote that jamoke and his ilk be the first out the gate. TR
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    7.8% Is that good?

    What kinda SAW.....Chain SAW.....or M249 SAW? Of course your going to google it. TR
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    High Capacity Clips

    Oh great idea! There should be plenty at normal market prices. TR
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    High Capacity Clips

    What kinda clips? Paper clips? Nail clips? Hair clips? TR
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    The 5 Deadliest Guns You Can Buy Online — Legally

    You cannot legally buy a firearm via the internet without a background check. Any firearms purchased through the internet has to ship directly to a federally licenced firearm dealer for background check and transfer to an invididual. In the case where one was attempting to sell and ship a...
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    Tackle Box broken into...guns stolen

    You dont understand the serious responsibiity that comes with gun ownership. I have a house, a security system, and I pay for homeowners insurance including liability. If I leave a firearm unsecured in the home and a couple kids break in (criminals right), steals said firearm, and it is used...
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    Tackle Box broken into...guns stolen

    Yeah there dont leave all those fine handguns sitting pretty in their business hours glass cases and make them easy for thugs to bash and dash. You put them ALL up in quality safe(s) every night and drag them out the next day. Pain in the ass? You bet. But it's the only way you...