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    tablets or laptops ...??

    Do you have wi-fi? I feel like you get more bang for your buck with a laptop.
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    Tablet shoppers who don't want an iPad

    I think the Android tablets will put up a good fight against current and future iPads. Has anyone messed with a Playbook yet?
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    Riverside WineFest at Sotterley October 1 & 2

    I think the fiance and I are going. Thinking about having a wedding there. I hope that make us racists.
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    Thunder-dolt problem...

    My old LG Dare did that alot.
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    Trick Shooter Tom Knapp performs in Charles County

    I was just watching a Bernelli DVD with him on it. He does some crazy stuff!
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    Google acquiring Motorola Mobility

    Apple and Google will dominate the smartphone world for household consumers. RIM will always have the corporate world.
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    Adult Volleyball League

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    1080 Resolution Issues

    I know DirecTV and Dish offer OnDemand movies in 1080p. I would imagine FiOS could offer 1080p as well.
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    Evergreen Elementary School

    Thank you for your help Rose. :howdy:
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    Evergreen Elementary School

    There's a school in Wildewood now?! I grew up in Neighborhood 1. I think the Parkway is the road that runs from route 4 to the baseball field. Boulevard is the road by the shopping centers and townhomes?
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    Evergreen Elementary School

    Does anyone know where this is? I'm looking for a drop-in volleyball place and the St. Mary's Parks and Rec site says it is located on Wednesday nights at Evergreen Elementary School.
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    Vote for the MD primary election this week!

    Thank you. I still have not met anyone that has voted for it to this day. Seems like a waste, but I guess if it helps....if it does help voter turnout.
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    Vote for the MD primary election this week!

    Just throwing it out there since 70% of Maryland voters voted for it during the last election.
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    Vote for the MD primary election this week!

    You can vote early instead of waiting for the Primary Election Day on September 14. Frequently Asked Questions Days: September 7-9 Hours: 10am-8pm Locations: Charles County residents Charles County Elections Office 201 E. Charles Street La Plata, MD 20646 Calvert County...
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    Super Bowl predictions

    Baltimore vs. Minnesota/New Orleans