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    As if. . . .

    How about the cost of them staying here. Free food, free healthcare, free housing, etc. Bet that comes to a lot more than $10k
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    Nothing new to report. Except.....

    Bunch of cry babies and protestors because they didn't get it their way. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum. How about you go get a job and you won't have time to protest or go back to college and take the classes your parents are paying for. Yes, I know I ended a sentence in a...
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    Hogan Plans New Push for Redistricting Reform

    Hope he gets it done. The voting in Maryland might actually be fair.
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    Those Docile Democrats

    Set fires, vandalized businesses, etc., but the Oakland police issued one whole citation and we had no injuries among the protestors. Well, thank God the protestors didn't get injured. :sarcasm:
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    If the shoe were on the other foot, do you think that Hillary supporter would be so tolerant ? Doubtful. We have all seen how tolerant they have been in the past.
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    Obama presidency was a colossal failure

    The only reason I'm better off is because I manage money quite well. This is in no way thanks to Obama and anything he's done.
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    What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?

    I have never been so happy to be wrong about something.
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    Canada’s Immigration Site Crashes as Liberals Panic

    This I would like to see. California is bankrupt due to their liberal ways and had to go to the Federal Gov't to get bailed out. I would love to see them try to stand as their own country.
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    Election Day

    I guess gerrymandering the voting districts really works.
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    Election Day

    :yeahthat: Maryland didn't surprise me at all. I knew they'd go Dem all the way. They even re-elected that jackass Steny Hoyer. I'll never understand how he keeps getting re-elected.
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    Election Day

    As far as a new job for Obama...I wouldn't let him clean my toilet. He'll probably vacate the country for his home overseas.
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    Obama presidency was a colossal failure

    The raise in health insurance premiums will more than make up for that. Food prices are up, clothing prices are up, new car prices, so how are we better off again? :confused:
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    The Up-side to a Hillary win

    Isn't it all Bushes fault??
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    What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?

    You still have the same stupid people out there that voted for effing Obama...twice! Does anyone doubt that Hillary will be the next president? I'm already depressed. What will she do? She'll stock the Supreme Court position with an anti-gun liberal and she will try to have the Constitution...