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    Not ugly, just poor

    Right here:
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    Packing the Supreme Court

    The problem is that we're not Socialist yet and people still get to keep the money they earn, and we aren't all living in grass huts and eating protein pills because of "climate change".
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    Packing the Supreme Court

    Them being "on record" means nothing. When they reverse they'll just say that they were for it before they were against it, or the MSM will never bring it up and it will be forgotten. Whatever they say today, right now, right this minute, is what the progs will parrot. If they do a 180 two...
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    Thinking about visiting back in Nebraska, now waiting for it to float by on the Mississipi River

    :razz: Yeah, it's really something. I can't remember the last time that area flooded, but they sure got it now.
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    What the hell is Fox news thinking?

    Why would Fox viewers stop watching altogether because one more liberal person is talking? It's not like Donna is breaking new ground here; almost every show - from punditry to news - has liberal commentary. Tucker has liberals on his show every night - many of them Clinton and Obama...
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    College admission scandal: Powerful parents losing jobs, big money

    Many of these kids' parents are pedophiles and sexual predators, and the kids themselves are on drugs or suicidal, so it's unlikely they will learn anything meaningful from this. Another time I got owned: when I thought Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were impressive people and a solid couple...
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    Packing the Supreme Court

    He should. And he should pick young ones who are going to be there for a long long time. Democrats are a hivemind and aren't really good at considering consequences. If anyone dares question them, they send the Twitter mob to attack and force an apology. This is why it's important that...
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    Muslim Doctor Stuns CNN: President Trump And GOP 'Beloved' In Much Of The Muslim World

    And yet it never occurs to them to broaden their horizons. These big cities are really little more than a bunch of tiny small towns clumped together, with packs of unsophisticated and unaware liberal elites all clutching each other for dear life and not daring to make contact with anyone...
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    Muslim Doctor Stuns CNN: President Trump And GOP 'Beloved' In Much Of The Muslim World

    I'll take "Why Dems won't win in 2020" for $1000, Alex. Another time I got owned was when I thought the news media actually reported the news and told me what was going on in the world. Come to find out they make stuff up that they wish was happening. Meghan McCain: "Nobody will ever love...
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    Not ugly, just poor

    These people are creations. They're not real.
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    Raise your hand, who thought Jerry Lee Lewis was dead?

    Well, he's not. He just had a stroke and is expected to keep on keepin' on.
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    Kellyanne Conway's husband

    I'd never seen a pic of him before. What a toad. He looks like a Borscht Belt comedian.
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    The kind of news story that makes me crazy Oh wow! Was he a relative? No idea. How did he know the couple? Beats me. Where did he get the gun? Dunno.. Why did he do this? Stop asking all these questions!!! Okay, so what was the point...
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    Well Let us Clarify 5th from the bottm is not last in his class

    People like MR just repeat what they're told to say. The handlers have so much control over them that they will literally contradict themselves within minutes and not even realize it because they're not thinking for themselves; they are reciting lines. And when you point this out to MR et al...
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    Let's hear your "I got owned" stories.

    I got owned by celebrities and politicians who I thought were real, only to find out that they're actors playing a part.