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    Boat Store in Laplata??

    Heard there was a new boating store in Laplata?? anybody been yet??, Hopefully get by there soon
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    PREDATOR killed my chickens

    You know my cousin had the same problem, he was losing chickens and finding their parts around the pen,Put up a trail cam and also set traps around the area, the trail cam showed a Raccoon was the culprit, and would find a weaknesss in the chicken wire and then reach in and pull one out, clever...
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    Moon Shots

    From the last day or two
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    Sunrise at Cove Point Lighthouse

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    Moon Shots

    I have quite a few, why do you ask
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    Lens recommendations

    I have both the Nikon 50mm 1.4 and the 32mm 1.8, good if you can get closer to the action, found if I shoot with the D3000 or the D5000 and use the Neutral or Standard on Picture Control, ISO 400, set exp comp to -.7 I can get a few really good low light photos, mostly used for Bar Room Bands...
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    Solomons After Dark

    Very good shot!!!!
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    A Day At The Zoo

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    A few from me

    Forgot one
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    A few from me

    A few from the past few months
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    Need help learning how to use your camera???

    I think it is a great idea, rub some off on your fellow man, Hit up some of the people on Facebook who buy a camera and immediately claim to be Professional, some of them could use all the help they can get, you should include a short session on what the difference is between a good photo and a...
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    Mushroom Hunting

    Right, keep your Mushroom hunting to the produce isle, that way you can sue someone if something goes wrong,
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    Found, safe and sound, and is now at the Charles County Sheriffs Office
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    I do believe it is just a runaway, but know one has heard from her so they are unsure,
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    She's been missing since 1a.m. Friday We think she's with Samson Raby. Brandi Olup, parents are worried if you seen her or Know him, leave message so I can post back to pparents Copied from Facebook page Nanjemoy area