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    Refrigerator repairman

    My top load Samsung spins fast enough to practically dry the clothes. It cut the electric dryer time enough to be noticeable on the electric bill.
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    Refrigerator repairman

    I asked the different repair guys that worked on my Samsung (4 or 5 of them) what refrigerator they had in their home. All said Whirlpool.
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    Refrigerator repairman

    I bought a Samsung French door refrigerator from Lowe's and also purchased the 4 year warranty. A&A does the warranty work for Lowe's. Service was not quick but the techs appeared to know what they were doing. That Samsung gave them a lot of experience in those 4 years.
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    Crying women in car a scam?

    Back in my working days, a co-worker and myself were walking down K St. in D.C. to an account. A bum approached us asking for a quarter and my co-worker said he'll flip him for it and give him double or nothing. The bum lost and the co-worker took his quarter. I've felt guilty foe witnessing...
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    Biden Polling

    White democrat voters are not exactly Mensa material.
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    Fruit Flies Everywhere

    I just had the remnants from the empty vinegar bottle in this trap but be sure to put more in yours. The large glue trap makes it unstable without the weight of the vinegar.
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    Fruit Flies Everywhere

    Cutting the trap is no problem. Before you pull the paper off the trap, roll up the trap to pre-form it to the cup. The tape will keep it in place.
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    Fruit Flies Everywhere

    Wrap and tape a mouse sticky pad around half of the cup. The results will amaze you. You won't need the Dawn.
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    Classic Car Mechanic

    That's before stuff got complicated. Any decent mechanic should be able to handle about anything with that car.
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    Bus trip to NYC

    During the '68 riot, I had an "emergency" service call at a Government installation on 17th St. There was a roadblock at the 17th St. exit from the SW Freeway and a member of the 82nd Airborne told me he didn't care if Lyndon Johnson put in the call, nobody is going downtown. I was very happy...
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    God s NOT Happy Right Now

    Good pic Baghdad Bob. How about a few of the interior. If lightning rods were there, they did not do their job.
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    God s NOT Happy Right Now

    Set fire?
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    No power

    At 1:28 wind in Drum Point was 50 mph. I was surprised we didn't lose power.