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    Why was Donald Trump impeached.

    Well that and... Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanaugh and 180 plus new federal judges.
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    George Takei: Trump Voters Don’t Realize They Are Helping Destroy America

    Actually he's hoping to be mentioned in a tweet.
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    Pathetic....just as I expected

    You can always start... charging him rent!
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    Stammering, Blabbering, Stuttering Pelosi Tries to Explain the Impeachment Delay

    The lady is 80 years old. Give her a break! Metaphorically speaking... not literally!
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    U.S. judge blocks $3.6 billion transfer to Mexican border wall

    God's ears. You will not like the outcome!
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    U.S. judge blocks $3.6 billion transfer to Mexican border wall

    David Briones is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. Wikipedia Born: 1943 (age 76 years), El Paso, TX Appointed by: Bill Clinton November 3 2020 cannot come fast enough!
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    And off the cliff they go!

    Looks like a sold out venue. Way to go Veep!
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    Who comes after Trump in 2024?

    With a 7 to 2 SCOTUS favoring originalists... who cares! ;)
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    So is THIS a real impeachment hearing?

    They've given up on the 2020 election. This is slated for a partisan impeachment vote headed for the senate where it will be rejected then used by dems to try and turn the senate which allows them to reject future judicial nominees... particularly one to three SCOTUS nominees.
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    Transcripts show Republicans’ scattershot strategy in early days of impeachment inquiry

    It really is a one issue... issue. The federal judiciary is being transformed from where it had been heading over the last 40 years. Thank God!
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    Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall

    Washington Post... LOL. No they're not! .Done