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    Hahn say nutty americans brocking Chicken Fillet!! No Good!!

    Great, an overtly racist troll account. Welcome to the forum I guess.
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    Payroll Tax "Holiday"

    Really was perplexed when I saw this a couple weeks ago. It's not really doing much to help and will likely end up causing problems for people that aren't paying attention or think they have a larger budget.
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    It's so humid

    I feel like my windshield wipers get most of their work from humidity. Today was no exception.
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    McDonalds did us a favor.

    Sheetz has some killer breakfast sandwiches. Being able to add things like onions, various peppers, greens, tomatoes, salsa, etc just takes it to another level.
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    This Is Scary Stuff

    Unfortunately our country has embarrassed itself so badly on the national stage that most countries have closed their borders to Americans.
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    Boothes Heating and Air

    Just had a brand new system installed this summer to replace an aging system. Competitive price and great service. They also had diagnosed the problem and scheduled a designer to come out and explain my options within a week of my first trouble call. The designer spent a few hours going over...
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    Anyone inside immediately jumps the entire drive-thru line in my experience. Curbside pick-up (at places that have it like McDonalds) jumps the line too.
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    Gutter Cleaning - Calvert

    Dillon's Power Washing has been awesome for me. They do gutters too.
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    Does anyone happen to know

    Asking people to do something so difficult as wearing a mask truly is unreasonable. The suffering we are going through right now is unbearable. I can't believe I have to sacrifice so much and wear a mask when in public. Our forefathers have died in vain because all these years later we are...
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    Out of all the closings

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    Madness at Nicolletti's Pizza

    I had to go on post for a half day assignment. Grabbed a large pie on the way home for 20 bucks and some change. It's twice as much with an extra topping compared to the deal, but damn tasty and no wait. 😋
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    Madness at Nicolletti's Pizza

    They make a good pie.. but dang.
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    Madness at Nicolletti's Pizza

    Recorded this 15 min before 4pm (when the deal started). The line went to Popeye's. Apparently it's now past Target. $10 for a pie, cash only. Please note I never took my eyes off the road evident by my braking long before the vehicle before me slowed down to a stop. I recorded blind by...
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    COVID-19 Blues!

    I am surprised you didn't realize your flawed math when you came to over a buck for 18 sheets of TP. What kinda $50+ rolls of TP are you buying? :yikes:
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    Md. Gov. Larry Hogan issues ‘stay at home’ order

    Some of these responses make me SO thankful that Dr. Anthony Fauci is being listened to rather than the armchair experts in this thread.