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    Photographer Who Refused to Shoot Same-Sex Ceremony The lesson here is to not refuse the work...just do a really ####ty job for them. Seriously, why would you want to hire someone who doesn't want to...
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    Mozilla CEO pressured to resign

    The thing I find interesting is that all of this is over a thousand dollar donation from a millionaire. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that he was solicited for a donation and he said, "eh, sure, here's a grand." It also wouldn't surprise me if he didn't remember giving the donation 8...
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    Amazon introduces FireTV

    :yawn: What makes it different from all the other Android-based boxes and sticks that have been out there for years? One
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    That's what pockets are for. Don't clip it to your belt like a dork.
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    Accident?? In front of San Souci

    I was in the traffic, but didn't see anything. The emergency vehicles were leaving as I got to the intersection. I did run over a piece of red plastic though...probably from a motorcycle fairing.
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    light bulbs

    If I build a new house, I'm going to have it wired with DC voltage (probably 5V and 12V) throughout the house. Having DC available will make using LEDs cheaper and more efficient. It's also more useful for other electronics like computers and cell phones.
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    Apple iPad mini with Retina Display

    You might want to check the Play Store for the apps (or equivalent apps). There are quite a few apps that you have to pay for on iOS, but are free (or cheaper) on Android. Also, I thought one of the big complaints about the iPad was that you had to buy a lot of apps again for the tablet...
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    Apple iPad mini with Retina Display

    Get a Nexus 7 instead. It has a better screen, is more open/flexible/powerful, and costs less.
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    Touch Board

    I went the other direction and got a few Trinkets: Trinket : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits My first project is going to be a humidor monitor/alarm/controller.
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    Touch Board

    Radio Shack carries a few Arduinos. Also, if you guys are interested in making stuff, PaxSpace is having their grand opening open house this Sunday:
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    Touch Board

    Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Touch Board brings Interactivity Everywhere Mark my words...this is going to be HUGE!
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    An Incredible Victory

    They also passed bills that did not defund Obamacare. What's the excuse for not accepting them?
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    An Incredible Victory

    Really? The Constitution says to only have a vote if everyone knows the bill will pass? Or maybe it says not to have a vote if you know the other house/president won't pass it? I must have missed that part.
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    An Incredible Victory

    But it is amazing that Republicans get blamed for not being willing to compromise. The reality was: House passes budget, Senate says NO House passes another budget moving their stance, Senate says NO House passes another budget moving their stance, Senate says NO House passes another budget...
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    An Incredible Victory

    This sounds vaguely familiar...almost like "they can't win the election, so vote for this turd over here instead." It seems the mantra of society today is "give up without trying". :peace: