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  1. vraiblonde

    $250 MILLION

    Two words: Charlie Sheen And child rapist Roman Polanski, who got a standing ovation from the Hollyweirds when they gave him his Oscar. Never underestimate the perversion of the entertainment industry. They embrace crazy, sexually predatory, and drug addicted; they don't shun it.
  2. vraiblonde

    The Ozone Hole: Closing the Gap

    Yay! Donald Trump is fixing the ozone hole! :yahoo:
  3. vraiblonde

    Eerily Identical tweets cover the very hysterical and deeply nonexistent conservative Malia Obama wine freakouts

    I don't buy $80 wine and I have a job. Must be some allowance that child of privilege receives.
  4. vraiblonde

    $250 MILLION

    I hope Nicholas Sandmann sues every single Democrat fat cat who libeled and slandered him and HE becomes the richest man in the world.
  5. vraiblonde

    No chance

    I have no intention of reading anything from NYT. When they can put some names to all their "anonymous sources" perhaps they'll have some credibility. Until then....muy mal muy triste.
  6. vraiblonde

    There's a sucker born every minute

    Everything? EVERYTHING????? Like, everything...every...thing Everything everything? That's a lot, man. I'm a have to digest that. Everything....damn....
  7. vraiblonde

    Et tu, Nikki?

    That's not a nice try, either.
  8. vraiblonde

    $250 MILLION PS, there is more to come: Earlier this month, Sandmann's attorneys sent preservation letters to more than 50 media organizations, celebrities and politicians -- including The Post, The New York Times, CNN, Sen...
  9. vraiblonde

    Et tu, Nikki?

    You have that exactly backwards. Shrillary was all buddy buddy with Trump....right up until the second he declared his intention to run for President. In that second she decided he was a Russian spy. So...yeah. That wasn't even a nice try.
  10. vraiblonde

    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    I use FB to show off my latest nail art creation.
  11. vraiblonde

    Et tu, Nikki?

    That probably made me the most angry. "Oh, I can't control who I sit on a panel with..." Yes, Nikki, you can. Was someone holding a gun to her child's head? If not, then she could have declined to sit on that panel with that psychopath. It was clearly some anti-America hatefest, otherwise...
  12. vraiblonde

    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    I used to ask my college math teachers, "What is a real world use for this?" If the answer had the words "rocket scientist" in it, I learned it long enough to pass the test, then promptly cleared it from my organic cache. Talking to you, imaginary number.
  13. vraiblonde

    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    Because they didn't multiply first and they also didn't realize there was only one shock. 5+2x10 5+2=7 7x10=70 How did you get 17?
  14. vraiblonde

    OMG that horrible gay hating Trump!!! I have no doubt the progs will find something to bitch about.
  15. vraiblonde

    Greetings from San Antonio!

    This is pronounced "Green", btw. Gruene used to be its own little town, then it threw its lot in with New Braunfels, and is now a walky/shoppy/eaty historic district within that small city.
  16. vraiblonde

    Warren UNIVERSAL Child Care Coverage

    It's magic. Or God, depending on your predilections.
  17. vraiblonde

    Social Security Police are going to take my SSN away

    I hang up on telemarketers and I delete my spam without reading it. I am boring.
  18. vraiblonde

    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    I'm very happy being someone who thinks outside the box. :yay: I'll leave the maffs to you all.
  19. vraiblonde

    Screwing up math to add to the confusion

    Bah. People use basic algebra every day, they just don't realize it. I mean, they probably get the wrong outcome, but they use it nonetheless.