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    hemlock society???

    with the pending doom advertised on all media outlets, about temperatures predicted to be BELOW FREEZING (whatever that is)...snow predicted to be anywhere from trace to 125 feet, women and children to suffer the most, I may consider the hemlock society....that made me there a...
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    In the everything is racist category, nominee is

    you guys do know why she is named Whoopie????? excessive flatulence!!! look it up...nothing like a brapppp smelling shitty dead fish....
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    Land for sale? (Huntingtown area)

    there is a wooded lot for sale in the 4900 block of HUNTINGTOWN ROAD, near the Kings Landing Road....
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    media whore....

    Well, I see Queen Obama stole the show wearing a woman's outfit. Aren't the black Grammies for people that accomplished good things since last year???? Just wondering.
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    Man tased 11 times, including his twig and berries

    Hissy, I think you should write a stern letter of objection!!! Do it NOW!!!
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    Warner Wolf Arrested

    remember the well traveled innuendo that he was Moe's son (not sczylak on the simpson's) of the Three Stooges??? It isn't true.......Wanna bet some are asking "who are the three stooges??" well, not AOC, Waters and Schiff...
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    Warner Wolf Arrested

    raise your hand if you give a damn....(crickets, ) anybody???
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    Missing $190 Million

    dont confuse TRudy...shes AOC in disguise....
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    Joy Bay HARR

    sooooooo, I see the Goddess of THE VIEW is facing her own problems with a halloween disguise...she wore black face....She shrugged it off saying it was her own hair...... How about them apples....
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    trying to stay positive....

    I always thought the Mickey D's in Prince Frederick was the bottom of any list for customer service, friendly demeanor and product availability. I am happy to report that they have elevated themselves above Panera and their progressive mature well nourished wimmin.
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    I am an award winner

    no, no, I re-remembered the ditty I sang was "Lincoln, Lincoln, I've been thinking"... as she was jumping rope. Therefore, am retracting my redaction... (Thanks Gov. Northrup)
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    I am an award winner

    well, easy come, easy go....a contributor noted that when I was in second or third grade, on the recess playground, a girl was jumping rope....her dress was flapping in the spring breeze...I muttered, "I see Paris, I see France..." you know the rest. Well, in light of this revelation from...
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    I am an award winner

    well, how about that! I am a four trophied award winner on this format. I'd like to thank the little people that made this happen. You're all beautiful. I can't possibly thank or remember all of you and I don't want to leave anyone out.. So, I'll accept this prestigious award, which I didn't...
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    Why Is There A War On Cheerleaders?

    well, the cowgirls go to the extent to "camel toe"....
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    I want to make sure I understand

    Yes, but let me point this out...THEY are Democrats and much smarter than us deplorables....Now do you get it????
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    so.....Looky here

    Who cares hissy? In Muslim counties, girls face castration. Should that be the norm worldwide??
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    so.....Looky here

    Tom Brokaw, the mumbly diction political observer steeped on his "Brokaw"...It seems he made a salient well thought point about illegal aliens needing to assimilate, maybe learn English and follow rules...well, he is the subject of consternation, ridicule and slamming... Now he is apologizing...
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    Round Up lawsuit

    Hey spastic, you sure are some kinda uppity so and so aren’ t you...
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    business opportunity...

    I am thinking of opening a storefront near the Courthouse selling a small selection items that would guarantee the consumer some cash...with, of course the assistance of an ambulance chasing lawyer... I need investors... A departure from the norm, let me spell out my business platform. Here's...