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  1. David

    $250 MILLION

    He stood up for what he believed in despite great adversity (meaning many people disagreed with him and even hated him for it) and potential loss of favor and income. That's a far cry from staging a hoax hate crime for personal gain. Frankly, I don't even know what Kaepernick's beef was. I...
  2. David

    $250 MILLION

    That's a bit of a stretch. They're actually both pretty good at that which they do report. The real problem is what they won't/don't report/cover.
  3. David

    $250 MILLION

    That requires a legal standing (like if he had actually falsely named two real people), and from there you need to have some actual damages, not just hurt feelings or pride. Now, he should face charges for making a false statement to police, something I understand he was already found guilty of...
  4. David

    $250 MILLION

    Well, that's how Democracy is supposed to work, right?
  5. David

    Bernie is officially running in 2020

    This just in to my personal email today: After the way he let the DNC run over him and hand his likely nomination to the chosen one, Clinton, I have little faith that he will do the right thing this time either. He's a party man to the bitter end. The RNC tried to do the same thing to Trump...
  6. David

    Charles Co. native one of first US Citizens to set foot on North Pole in 1909

    Story by Laurie Pearson, Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Matthew Alexander Henson, the son of two freeborn black sharecroppers in Charles County, Maryland, was one of two U.S. citizens and four Inuit assistants who became the first human beings to set foot on the North Pole on April 6...
  7. David

    Massive wind turbines require massive ships

    Made in China. Figures....
  8. David

    The Ozone Hole: Closing the Gap

    After thinning at alarming rates in the 1980s and 90s, the ozone layer over Antarctica is starting to recover. Watch how ozone concentrations in the stratosphere have changed from 1979 through 2018. Frankly, I don't see much improvement in the images to the degree they indicate (2018 looks...
  9. David

    Eerily Identical tweets cover the very hysterical and deeply nonexistent conservative Malia Obama wine freakouts

    Doesn't the far left like to throw out the word equivocation in cases like this where they want to beat up one of their enemies? Or do I just not have a good grasp on the concept? So, if they follow their own rules, shouldn't they unequivocally condemn the kid's actions for drinking underage and...
  10. David

    Loffler Art Class Works on Display at Lexington Park Library in Feb 2019

    Art students from the Loffler Senior Activity Center have been selected for the latest art installation at the Lexington Park Library Art Gallery. Their work will be on display throughout the month of February. 21677 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Blvd, Lexington Park, MD 20653 "We're challenging...
  11. David

    Offshore Lighthouse Historical Exhibit Open at Piney Point Lighthouse Museum & Historic Park

    The St. Mary's County Museum Division announces the opening of a new temporary exhibit entitled "Offshore Lighthouses of the Potomac River." The exhibit debuts at the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Historic Park in Piney Point, MD, on February 1, 2019 and run until January 2020. The exhibit...
  12. David

    Closings and Cancellations for Wednesday, Feb 20

    Due to the inclement weather, Anne Arundel County Government has declared liberal leave policy in effect for Wednesday, February 20, 2019. The county will operate under normal business hours but county employees may use liberal (unscheduled) leave.
  13. David

    People don't like government

    That's pretty subjective. I see it as the ole, you can't please all of the people all of the time. And with so many people with such diverse wants, social status, and political ideologies, it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy. Also, don't forget the people that are happy when the...
  14. David

    Social Security Police are going to take my SSN away

    It's our business line, so I can't do that. But, fortunately, we are able to put numbers on a block list. Some folks like to call these guys back (while recording) and give them the royal jerk around until the scammers get so angry they start cussing up a storm and insulting his momma (Indians...
  15. David

    Social Security Police are going to take my SSN away

    Just received this today. Oh no! What should I do? I need my SSN. Should I call her so-on? I wish they would at least wait for you to answer before playing their message. I missed the first part of it.
  16. David

    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    I'm told it is a: Bernadoodle
  17. David

    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    Here it is. I have no idea what this thing is. I suspect it is an undercover alien, like Alf. It looks she qualifies you to drive in the HOV lane.
  18. David

    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    My wacky niece, who makes more than I do at 23, bought some designer dog that is now as big as a horse. On top of whatever she paid for it, she paid $2000 to fly him across country in the cabin in a seat. 😿
  19. David

    Exciting news! Forum upgrade!

    Link? Screen capture? Firefox version? Device type?