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  1. NextJen

    Smow tomorrow

    Looks like the forecast keeps bumping up the accumulation. Hope everyone has made it to the store before the Apocalypse hits tonight.
  2. NextJen

    What If?

    What if Donny was a little bit country and Marie was a little bit rock and roll?
  3. NextJen

    Man dead after port-a-potty fire

    Meth(ane) lab.
  4. NextJen

    Empire Star Beaten in Homophobic racist MAGA attack

    He's got enough troubles. No need to make fun of the way he dresses.
  5. NextJen

    Why do people care if President Trump has a dog?

    Who cares? But, if he did get a dog, I think he should get a Russian Spaniel just for the heck of it.
  6. NextJen

    What If?

    What if I wasn't three times a lady?
  7. NextJen

    What If?

    What if Luka didn't live on the second floor?
  8. NextJen

    What If?

    What if Johnny Cash hadn't been everywhere?
  9. NextJen

    What If?

    What if Mustang Sally didn't slow that Mustang down? (your avatar inspired me StadEMS3)
  10. NextJen

    What If?

    What if I wasn't just another brick in the wall?
  11. NextJen

    What If?

    What if Janie didn't have a gun?
  12. NextJen

    Valentines Day

    Similar to the pic above, a friend of mine works for Shoppers as a butcher. They are doing this for Valentines day. Now I am craving a good steak.
  13. NextJen

    'Chicken and waffles' cereal heading to Walmart

    Chicken and waffles cereal can't even begin to compete with sausage gravy 'n biscuits edible underwear*. *Now there's a pajama gram you can give your Gal.
  14. NextJen

    New Emails Confirm FBI Tried To Work Deal With State Dept To Minimize Hillary Email Scandal

    If we can go back to high school and college to dig up reasons why someone may not be fit for office, I would think we can certainly discuss officials wrong-doings while they hold/held office.