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  1. Monello

    No chance

    It would be great if part of this story involved a chance meetings on an airport tarmac, complete with small talk about golf & grandkids.
  2. Monello

    ICE raids NC gun plant for illegals

    This is a self inflicted 'plight'. Don't break the law, several times in fact, then boohoo when you are caught. The employers know they are presenting fraudulent documents. They choose to ignore this fact because they have the excuse that the paperwork presented looked legitimate. We don't...
  3. Monello

    Warren UNIVERSAL Child Care Coverage

    Perhaps the reason they lack sense might be the reason they are lower income. Not everyone is CEO material. Some one has to dig the holes.
  4. Monello

    More Humor...

  5. Monello

    Greetings from San Antonio!

    Yesterday we drove up to New Braunfels. We wanted to hit up the Buc-ees. If you follow our adventures, you are familiar with our attraction to the Buc-ees. For the uninformed it's a mega convenient store/tourist trap/traveler's stop. They have a beaver for their mascot. You can get all...
  6. Monello

    Social Security Police are going to take my SSN away

    High tail it to Brazil.
  7. Monello

    What If?

    What if love won't keep us together? What if the cat wasn't in the cradle? What if you could touch this? What if the boots weren't made for walking? Are you still reading this? What if you could hurry love? What if it wasn't just my imagination? What if I can't see clearly now?
  8. Monello

    ICE raids NC gun plant for illegals

    Well it was president's day.
  9. Monello

    Warren UNIVERSAL Child Care Coverage

    Probably not for much longer. Thanks
  10. Monello

    Warren UNIVERSAL Child Care Coverage

    How did people manage that for the past few centuries? Just the unintended consequences of LBJ's great society.
  11. Monello

    Warren UNIVERSAL Child Care Coverage

    The problem with the government stepping in is that they enable people to have more kids than they can financially support. Exhibit #1 Angel Adams Brown - has enough kids to man a football team, a basketball team and has a kid left over.
  12. Monello

    ICE raids NC gun plant for illegals

    I'm so conflicted about this. J/K, deport them all. This is why e-verify is a joke. I have worked with dozens of people over the years that were here illegally. All had documents even if they were bogus. HR takes the papers and voila you have a job. If the employee is outed as an illegal...
  13. Monello

    Now we know: it was (and remains) an attempted coup

    We are officially a banana republic.
  14. Monello

    2019 Daytona 500

    Last year I don't think I got any points until the 4th race of the season. I'm just 3 points out of 2nd place!
  15. Monello

    'Medicare for All' would require obesity laws

    Fats, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, sodium. It's all going to be open for discussion. Seatbelt usage, motorcycle helmets, BMI, sunscreen spfs have to also be included along with the thousands of other things in our daily life that have a positive or negative impact on your health.