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  1. Grumpy

    There goes that dumbass "coup" theory

    "Be Like Jussie" isn't a good road to travel.
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    They will explain it away in episode 1 "Jussie's Nightmare" next year and all will be right with the world.
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    Illinois Shooter Was Not Allowed To Own A Gun

    Woot!! there it is..:lol:
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    We should wait for the facts on Jussie Smollet

    I can't figure it out, is Kamala a lot like MR or is MR a lot like Kamala.
  5. Grumpy

    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    There's a core group that have been here that long..time flies..
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    Smollett Offered CNN producers were reportedly impressed throughout the ongoing saga of Smollett's apparent hoax attack on himself. They realized early on the facts didn't add up but were fascinated with how well the actor kept the narrative going. An HR rep quickly reached out to...
  7. Grumpy

    AOC - What Is The Berlin Wall

    Millions?? :lmao: While some did make it safely across, it is unclear how many people exactly reached the western part. Some estimates claim that 5,000 East Germans reached West Berlin via the Wall. Men, women and children snuck through checkpoints, hid in vehicles and tunneled under the concrete.
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    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    Can't save the world, tho the wife has tried between fostering pups and kittens.
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    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    Agree with that ^..Have gone both ways, purebreds and pound/rescue pups. The rescue folks are way too 'all in' in finding the perfect adoptee and frankly, they jump the shark with inspections and invasive questions. One problem with rescues and pound dogs is that you don't know their history or...
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    Why allegations of a ‘coup’ against Trump are unfounded

    You really are a special kind of stupid. :yay:
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    Add this one....Q has said that the whole Jussie fiasco was orchestrated by Kamala and Sparticus. And this morning, David Webb said the same. BTW, I don't follow Q, was told this last night by someone that follows him/her/it.
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    In the everything is racist category, nominee is

    I am crushed to learn that Halle Berry isn't a sex symbol.
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    Land for sale? (Huntingtown area)

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    Empire Star Beaten in Homophobic racist MAGA attack

    Surprising... “I, among many others, when hearing of the report said that the reports were horrific and that we should come with all that we can come within law enforcement to find out what happened and the guilty should suffer the maximum. I still maintain that. And if it is found that...
  15. Grumpy

    Government is getting a 2019 pay raise

    :yeahthat: 10 years ago we were using yearly labor escalation of 3% in proposals, dropped to 1.5% 9 years ago and has been there ever since.
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    Autopsy of a Dead Coup

    Good stuff.. The thinking of the conspirators initially had been predicated on three assumptions thematic during this three-year long government effort to destroy Trump: One, during 2016, Hillary Clinton would certainly win the election and FBI and DOJ unethical and illegal behavior would be...
  17. Grumpy

    A case of real political violence

    Prays for Gilligan
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    Empire Star Beaten in Homophobic racist MAGA attack

    Meanwhile, it's been 19 days since the racebaiting OP has been seen.
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    More Humor...

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    Empire Star Beaten in Homophobic racist MAGA attack

    Read this somewhere today, can't remember who said it. "The supply of racism and bigotry does not even come close to the demand for folks craving “victimhood.”