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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    How this Exploder made it across the bridge and then decided to crash into the sign in the middle of the median is beyond me. Maybe the dude thought he was home free and could pick up his phone with the road widening up for him.
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    Found Cat - Myrtle Pt/Kingston Creek Rd

    Ok..well since we had a good outpouring of help for the neighbor that lost their hound and after he was successfully returned home...we have a 'stray' that's shown up...we are close to the Patuxent Presbyterian Church. Nice handsome black & white male (according to the wife) cat has been...
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    Boston concert at CMM

    No thread yet? Someone besides me had to have been there?? :howdy: I thought they sounded great. :drummer: Sam Grow Band was pretty good too. Great show!