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    It Smowed!!!!!

    LOL - no, not you...more precisely on page 6 at 11:43 PM. - the crazy bitch with the dog that likes to post at night.
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    It Smowed!!!!!

    I was wondering how a "dusting of smow" thread turned into 9 pages until I saw a certain someone's posts full of crap starting about 11:45PM..LOL
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters

    Hmm..Having a little trouble enabling my location when I go to in Chrome, which I did get to run on the Fire Stick. Baby steps. edit - Still have not got Chrome working natively on the Fire Stick, so I pulled out my old Chromecast I had packed away when we moved in 2018. I can now...
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters of the things I like on History is American Pickers, but I usually just have it on in the background when fooling around in the shop...or Motor Trend TV..I know there are other sources for those, however, if I have to subscribe to 15 apps/channels at $10/month, I am not saving...
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    Some interesting news for TV cordcutters

    DTV just jacked up my rates. I live in Calvert, so I am getting Comcast to come give me fast enough internet I can stream TV and toss the DTV dish off my roof (I am currently using Verizon DSL at 6mb, but it is not reliable enough and Verizon won't fix it.) Just bought two more Fire Sticks on...
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    Greetings from not Fort Worth!

    I have a subcontractor in Grand Prairie, TX, that I visit on occasion. I will try to find the Stockyards in Cleburne Fort Worth (fixed) the next time I am there..looks like a cool place.
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    Solomon’s island phone

    The biggest problem is the glow in the car. Everyone carries them around like a slice of pizza while driving. I have a 2nd level deck and see it all the time as they drive by.
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    Moll Dyer

    I've seen a couple in Solomons in the last week or two...but literally, two or three. As noted, normally you can't swim in any of the rivers or creeks from about July 4 to about Labor Day. I am not missing them either. I might even be able to clean the boat bottom without having to take it out...
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    Charles Co. Cardin Urges Governor to Fulfill Commitment to Include Bike and Pedestrian Lanes on Nice Replacement Bridge In Chas. Co.

    A bike path on the Nice bridge makes no sense... If they drop the Johnson bridge to something more reasonable like 75 feet and added a bike path, I WOULD ride my bicycle across that. But you still would not catch me on Rt 235 during rush hour on a bicycle.
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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    Well, the Tiki Bar is open again...and their hours are advertised as 11AM - 1AM.
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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    Maybe, RoseRed. I did not see the actual crash...a neighbor mentioned it to me when we saw each other at the Solomons Post Office. I was coming south into the Solomons area. There was no ambulance that I saw, nor the driver, when I went by.
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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    vrai, I know you are on the other side of the country, but it is 1:45 PM on a Wednesday here. Have you lost all faith in humanity and assume people are drunk at this time of day? OK, OK, I guess you are right, it could be either, but, I'll take texting. I live on a rural one-way street with a...
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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    I did not want to do too much rubber necking and piss off LEO and take a ton of pictures, but it was equally impressive from the back side. At 1:45 PM, the bridge was backed up as far as I could see...I am sure it was a spectacle headed north from the bridge. David, recently around here, all...
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    Louis Goldstein would be pissed - Crash in Calvert

    How this Exploder made it across the bridge and then decided to crash into the sign in the middle of the median is beyond me. Maybe the dude thought he was home free and could pick up his phone with the road widening up for him.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    She retired and sold/gifted the business is what I recall...I do not remember where she went, but my wife probably does. No offense to anyone, but it is hard to tell with Asians..they never seem to age. You could be right, she could have been 100 years old for all I know.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Ever since Yvonne left it to her employees maybe 6 or 7 (??) years ago, it was doomed. They tried for several years, but I never thought it was that good for takeout, and it wasn't cheap.
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I know the lady that started this business..she is very good at it (personal friend)...I don't even like Thai food, but I might go in there once or twice to eat! They are in the old China Harbor space.
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    Greetings from Seligman, AZ

    I find it extremely interesting that they advertise coffee in several foreign languages on the building in a town in the middle of nowhere...but not surprising giving your reports of all the foreigners that visit. One little tip for Vrai when posting temps...Alt+248 is the Alt code for the temp...
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    Greetings from Las Vegas!

    I made it to LV once. My flight to LV was late, so I missed the connection to CA on a work trip. The airline put me up in the Ho Jo at the end of the strip around midnight. I think I was there a total of about 5 hours, because my morning flight out was about 6AM. I put a quarter in a slot...
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    Greetings from Kingman, AZ!

    I am having a great time reading it too!