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  1. Disco Stu

    Obama Won

    How about that economic growth and job numbers
  2. Disco Stu

    large fight at Jefferson Patterson arena last night???

    Salmon... Oh shut up little man.... your nothing but a little man obsessed with race and playing the victim.
  3. Disco Stu

    The Pooper left her mark...

    She gave "burffff" to a ghetto baby. Send it to Al Sharpton so he can teach it how to "blame whitey".
  4. Disco Stu

    Armed furniture store owner fights back

    I absolutely DESPISE those ghetto dindu nuffins and their entire culture.
  5. Disco Stu

    The Dirty Bookstore in LP City

    You have no idea how weird and creepy the guys were that hung out in there. They were the bottom of the barrel types. The sorts who always get kicked out of a half way house and get fired from jobs like school bus drivers for reasons "they won't get into.". This is years before we had sex...
  6. Disco Stu

    Sweden: 80 cars set on fire by gangs

    See where white guilt gets ya Sweden?????
  7. Disco Stu

    The Dirty Bookstore in LP City

    Years ago it was next to Master Donut (formerly Mister Donut), a 24 hr donut shop. These weird men would hang out at the donut shop, go over to the adult book store, then come back to the donut shop. It was like the same line of customers would go eat some donuts then go rub one out. At 1am...
  8. Disco Stu

    Lexington park Theater

    Arlington Cinema Drafthouse does this too
  9. Disco Stu

    What the heck???

    have a beer
  10. Disco Stu

    Crime Leonardtown Man shoots ranger's dog, then cuts its throat

    It was just an excuse for some idiot to live out his Rambo fantasy. Sort of an appeal to his own ego and manhood.
  11. Disco Stu

    Crime Leonardtown Man shoots ranger's dog, then cuts its throat

    You big dummy. With any luck the guy will do time for this. You sound like the kind of person who would love any excuse to kill an animal just to get your jollies off. Make sure you change your underwear if you do, as that gooey wet stain in front can be embarrassing.
  12. Disco Stu

    Crime Leonardtown Man shoots ranger's dog, then cuts its throat

    What part of "animal cruelty" do you not understand? You can paint the "what if" scenarios all you want but this man is going to trial and I for one hope he gets the book thrown at him.
  13. Disco Stu

    16 year old girl --------- rape.

    It is not HIS fault this crime happend! What is the matter with you? If we want to play the "assumptions" game FINE. I bet you believed the Duke Lacross and UVA defendants were GUILTY without any evidence. Because, you know.... you have "your reasons". Assclown. :biteme:
  14. Disco Stu

    235 / Comfort Inn Area last night

    A bunch of basketball americans I bet :belvak:
  15. Disco Stu

    Task Force Black

    Problem is, they are like Hydra from Marvel Comics
  16. Disco Stu

    What is there to do?

    Do what the locals do... go to Calvert Cliffs and watch the soil erode
  17. Disco Stu

    Red Fox in Mechanicsville

    I wanted these jokes
  18. Disco Stu

    Red Fox in Mechanicsville

    YOU.... BEAT ME... TO THE JOKE!!!!!!!!! :tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum:tantrum
  19. Disco Stu

    Why do we do these things?

    "It seemed like a good idea at the time!" - :(