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  1. Radiant1

    Closing Costs vs Capital Gains

    I plan on seeing a tax advisor in the near future, but does anyone have experience with selling a house with concessions? Were you able to write off all closing costs and concessions in order to reduce capital gains? Or, were you taxed on the full amount of house purchase before concessions were...
  2. Radiant1

    Estate Sale Company Recommendations

    I'm looking for an estate sale company that is well-connected with buyers of antiques, collectibles, and quality items who will work in the Mechanicsville area and prep a house for the market once the sale of items is complete. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Radiant1

    My HVAC Nightmare

    My HVAC unit went out once last summer at which time my landlady called a service out of Lusby that claims to Allways be There (you know 24/7 service etc). They came out the next day and fixed her right up. Since I had to be there I lost one day of work, but, hey,that's to be expected. So far...
  4. Radiant1

    Shamrock Fest 2016

    Shamrock Festival at RFK Stadium. Headliners Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly. Tix on sale for 19.99 each for today only. :larry:
  5. Radiant1

    Punishment at word of life church results in death My opinion -- I agree with the priest, this was obviously not of God; however, I'd be willing to bet that the members of Word of Life certainly thought it was, they felt justified...
  6. Radiant1

    More Comedic Relief - For Catholic Metalheads

    Be jealous, Slayer! :lol:
  7. Radiant1

    Comedic Relief

    Admit it, we've all been there. :lmao:
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    The Protestant Conundrum

    Protestants, as fractured as they are, at least agree for the most part on personal and individual interpretation of scripture. Regardless of the fact the Catholic Church traces it's lineage back to Christ and were the actual writers of the New Testament books, Catholics are accorded the right...
  9. Radiant1

    GMHS on lockdown Just got a text from my daughter. :sigh:
  10. Radiant1

    Pt. Lookout listed as 2014 Superstar Seashore

    Pt. Lookout was listed as one of two cleanest beaches in Maryland. :yay:
  11. Radiant1

    Should taxpayers fund thrash and punk metal? So the UK taxpayers are now expected to fund other types of arts aside from the typical ballet and opera stuff, and they aren't liking it. Is heavy metal or indie rock really any different? Check out the debate at the end. Poor musician girl gets annihilated. I've...
  12. Radiant1

    Those Crazy Russians!

    Man Nails Testicles To Red Square Cobblestones I'm curious, what kind of performance artists is he anyway? And, wasn't there a better way to protest? Holy ####! :faint: No doubt this will be the BME hardcore video spotlight of the week! :lol:
  13. Radiant1

    It's Constitution Day!

    But, but, what about the First Amendment? :lol: :patriot:
  14. Radiant1

    Listen to Angry Music and Get Happy!

    I'm teased a lot about listening to "angry music", but I'm really a nice, sweet, happy person! :biggrin: Finding Happiness in Angry Music - Leah Sottile - The Atlantic
  15. Radiant1

    Glass Picks

    RIDGED GLASS GUITAR PICKS | Music Accessories, Instrument, Electric, Acoustic, Jazz | UncommonGoods Anyone ever use these? If so, what do you think? Do they really create a harder sound? Are they comfortable to use? Are they worth the price?
  16. Radiant1

    First Metal Head Disability, Now This...

    Topps Releasing Heavy Metal Trading Cards - Metal Injection | Around the Interwebs | Metal Injection I thought I'd seen it all when some guy in Europe got disability for an addiction to metal concerts, but now this! :rolleyes: I'm so going to collect them.
  17. Radiant1

    Slayer's Jeff Hanneman 1/31/64 - 5/2/13
  18. Radiant1

    Dude Looks Like A Lady

    77-Year-Old Mechanicsville Woman Charged With Attempted Murder | Southern Maryland News Net Not only does she have a gun but she looks like a man in drag. :twitch: T&P for a successful surgery and quick recovery for the victim.
  19. Radiant1

    New Sabbath - God Is Dead?

    Listen To The New BLACK SABBATH Song, "God Is Dead?" Right Now! - Metal Injection | A/V | Metal Injection What do you think? Imo, it gets better around 6 minutes. There's also an annoying Iheart Radio tagline on and off throughout the song on all the streaming I've been able to find.
  20. Radiant1

    USA Trying to Deport Christian Homeschoolers

    USA Trying to Deport Christian Homeschooling Family Knowing They Face Persecution : Political Outcast Granted, this is one-sided piece, but still enough information to discuss both sides. From what I can gather, the US is stating that because Germany bans all homeschooling and not all...