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    History Channel Fans

    I'd like to think so. I suppose they couldn't be exactly like GW because of being raised in a different society. It would be nice if the basics were there.
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    Better eating habits, more physical activity and self-education via reading, especially history. Simple solution.
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    History Channel Fans

    Several years ago, I read a book called The Real George Washington. Great book. Great man. I wish we had someone like him today.
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    Any suggestions on a M&G?

    In the past, I've found that when one wants to have a meet and greet, that person should pick a date and a location. If you can make it great. If not, catch you on the next round. Then perhaps one of the people who could not make it plans the next one. Eliminates having to change dates and...
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    Thoughts On Recently-Read Books

    I've read the Zion Chronicles Series by Brock and Brody Thoene: Vienna Prelude Prague Counterpoint Munich Signature Jerusalen Interlude Danzig Passage Warsaw Requiem London Refrain Paris Encore Dunkirk Crescendo Also, Ride the Wind by Lucia St. Clair Robson. Several books by Fannie Flagg...
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    Coffee with PrchJrkr

    It's well worth the commitment. I wish there was more of it. Timothy Oliphant and Walter Goggins are both excellent actors.
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    Think Fast - Favorite Christmas Movie

    I've always been fond of White Christmas. Last year I watched a movie from the 1940's that I had never seen before, The Bishops Wife, with Loretta Young, Cary Grant and David Niven. Great movie. The other day I watched a movie called Christmas Story (not Ralphie). It was made in another...
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    So turkey

    My mother always boiled the innerds in a cup or two of water. Then she gave it to the dog (dogs need thanksgiving dinners, too) and used the liquid for soup stock.
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    Trudy, help me out here

    My first job in 1963 at H L Green Company in Silver Spring, MD paid $.90/hour.
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    Fall/Winter Dinners

    4 cups of chicken broth (the box that Swanson comes in is 4 cups). 1 block of cream cheese 1 large can of diced tomatoes (I think the weight is 1 lb and some ounces) 1 roll of sausage (I used Jimmy Dean and mixed regular sausage with hot sausage) 1 bag of frozen tortellini 1 small bag of...
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    Dead friends and family

    When my son died, it was on Facebook before I was notified. Fortunately, I don't have a Facebook account so I didn't see it. Others might not be so lucky. I can't imagine learning of the passing of a loved one in that manner.
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    Where do I go

    I like my reuben made with turkey.
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    Think fast

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    Junk drawers

    A slide rule??? Anybody used one of those since 1980?
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    Good authors

    For murder mysteries, Agatha Christie. If you want a break from murder mysteries, Bodie and Brock Thoene have several series on WWII historical fiction that are excellent. Lucia St. Clair Robson writes American historical fiction - Ride the Wind and there is one titled Mary's Land about the...
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    Gavin Newsome declares the GOP dead and people have thoughts

    How did he and Kimberly Guilfoyle ever connect?
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    Why Peter Thiel is leaving Silicon Valley

    I have been reading lately that Los Angeles is turning into a cesspool with great masses of homeless people. If that's true, why would anyone move there?
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    Scrambled eggs

    I scramble mine in the pan. Put butter in the pan, heat just until butter bubbles, break egg, let cook until whites are set, then scramble just until the yellow is not running but not cooked to death.
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    Wicker Furniture

    Thanks for getting back to me, PE. The area I was going to put it in isn't as large as I had remembered, so I won't be able to use the furniture.
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    What are you serving for Easter dinner?

    Baked pineapple. I can't find my recipe but there are tons of them on the internet. It goes really well with ham.