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  1. huntr1

    Charlotte Hall Marketplace

    They've started construction again. Wonder what the plans are.
  2. huntr1

    Going ape in Charlottesville

    Sorry for the loss of your mother.
  3. huntr1

    ISO Recommendations Master Bathroom Remodel

    Always a Project Inc. He does great work.
  4. huntr1

    The Rocket

    What? No more screaming goat? Whatever shall we do? No more foul language on the radio? Darn the luck. See ya!
  5. huntr1

    Truck Shopping...

    GMC over Nissan every time.
  6. huntr1

    Big Dogs Budds Creek Expo

    Mechanicsville Optimist Club will be there cooking food.
  7. huntr1

    Fire Ants!

    Borax will kill them.
  8. huntr1


    Probably depends on the nature of their crime. There may be different rules with people who victimize adults vs. youth.
  9. huntr1

    howdy kids. Im back.

    Awesome! Welcome back.
  10. huntr1

    Truck Needs New Brake Lines

    Guy Motors in Mechanicsville is $98/hr. Place up in Waldorf where I had the clutch in my Focus replaced back in 2010 or so charged $98/hr too.
  11. huntr1

    Fire in Solomons - Locust Inn

    No more need for historic designation if it's an ash pile.
  12. huntr1

    Guess where I went? Picture clue

    before reading down I thought it was Falling Waters. Lucky guess was right.
  13. huntr1

    Passing on The Shoulder

    I got a ticket for passing a car on 925 years ago. They were turning left, I went onto more than wide enough, paved shoulder and passed them at a safe speed. Sheriff deputy that I knew was behind me lit me up immediately. I took it to court. Once you cross the white line, you are now "driving...
  14. huntr1

    Clean house Siding in Calvert Co

    Friend of mine uses a product called "Wet and Forget" you put it in a garden sprayer, add the correct amount of water and then spray it on yourself. Safe around plants. Don't know if your house is "self sprayable" due to height, but for $11.00 (if I recall correctly from when I bought some at...
  15. huntr1

    Helo Down

    Baynet says Army helo.
  16. huntr1

    F U Husqvarna!!!!

    I love my Sears branded Husqvarna. First one I got was a lemon, they tried fixing it, no joy. I complained on here about it, their search bot found the complaint, they called me and replaced it no problem. That was 5 years ago this September. Not a single problem since then.
  17. huntr1

    auto mechanic apprenticeship

    Quade Auto and Diesel Repair may be willing to take him on. I have NO affiliation with them, other than being a customer. I have NO authority to talk for them. I just know that they were looking for a helper a couple weeks ago.
  18. huntr1

    It was "get the boats ready" day...what did everyone else do during this fine day?

    Took the family to visit #1 son at Salisbury. Took him to lunch in O.C.