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  1. dave1959

    Vivint Solar

    Anyone use them for solar roof panels....How has your experience been ? I'm Thinking about going with them..
  2. dave1959

    Anyone work for SA-TECH..?

    They have job listed I may be interested in. How are they to work for ? Any info would be appreciated. PM me...
  3. dave1959


    Well, that didn't last long.......:lmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  4. dave1959

    World Gym Mechanicsville

    Any comments, complaints, etc....?
  5. dave1959

    Xmas thing at the fairgrounds

    Last year there was a Xmas "thing" at the fairgrounds, I believe it was put on buy a church.. anyone know if it is going on this year.
  6. dave1959

    Smith Island Cruise

    Out of point Lookout over to Smith Island, Anyone ever take one ? What did you think. Looks like a nice day trip for this weekend..
  7. dave1959


    Anyone go ?...Or Know anyone who went ?
  8. dave1959

    Pizza delivery people

    Anyone know one or have experience..?? Im thinking of getting a part time job... Im looking for money info ONLY... How much can you make..??? I already know about gas & maintenance, ####ty hours, bull#### at the store level ect, ect.. I want to know how much money can you make ?
  9. dave1959


    Does anyone commute (drive) from Somd to Rockville ?? What's it like , what time do you leave, how long does it take..
  10. dave1959


    Anyone know of an Amish dressmaker/ seamstress ???
  11. dave1959

    Schools thursday..

    St Mary's... Closed
  12. dave1959

    St marys schools

  13. dave1959

    Insanity !!!!!!

    Voting for the same person/party and expecting a different result...
  14. dave1959

    Bulk Mulch....

    Northern St. Marys.....Anywhere to buy ???
  15. dave1959

    "31" gifts....

    Anyone out there a rep ?.
  16. dave1959

    Commuter buses from Charlotte hall.... Anyone ride

    My son needs to get to union station Friday morning... I see the busses run from Charlotte hall, is this a viable option for a one way , one time trip. . He will have luggage..
  17. dave1959

    Mountain Biking...

    Anyone out there ????, Where would you go in southern maryland ??
  18. dave1959

    Schools ????

    Did'nt St. Marys have school today..????? I did not see a single child at the bus stop or a single bus this morning..:shrug:
  19. dave1959

    Panera Bread people

    Panrea Bread is NOT you office !!!! Its very frustrating when they are very busy, lunch time, and you see several people sprawled out over a table doing business/school work. Went in today at lunch time and there were at least three people (not together) with books and computers spread out over...
  20. dave1959

    Anyone comute to Tyson Corner ??

    Thinking of a job over there. Looking for some info if anyone has some. how long is your comute and what time. ..Sorry forgot to add I live in Mechanicsville Md.