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  1. Michael Delaney

    haul junk away service?

    I am looking for someone to haul junk from my house to the dump/recycler. Does anyone know of a business that provides this service?
  2. Michael Delaney

    Tom Carnegie passed away

    Anybody that has ever been to Indy qualifying would know his voice well. I used to really enjoy hearing him announce... "It's a new track record!". :frown: AUTO RACING - INDYCAR: Legendary Indy 500 Announcer Tom Carnegie Dies
  3. Michael Delaney

    Petit LeMans, Saturday at 11am on SPEED

    This is a 10 hour endurance race featuring five classes of racing. Three tiers of prototypes and two classes of GT cars. LMP will feature the LMP1 powerhouse Audi's, Lola's and Peugeot's. The Peugeot's and Audi's utilize a high torque, turbo diesel engines and are crazy fast. GT2 is loaded...
  4. Michael Delaney

    Yippie! Pumking is here.

    That is.... Southern Tier Pumking Ale. This is my favorite Autumn beer and is the best pumpkin pie beer there is. For the pumpkin ale fans it is at the liquor store in California behind BJ's Wholesale. :buddies: southern tier brewing company
  5. Michael Delaney

    ALMS coming to Baltimore

    The ALMS series will be racing in downtown Baltimore next year. The IZOD Indycar Series will also be racing there. AUTO-RACING - ALMS: Baltimore For 2011 -
  6. Michael Delaney

    BMW and Aprilia vids.

    Funny vids: 1st: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. 2nd: YouTube - Aprilia RSV4: Tablecloth Trick. I like both bikes. I just enjoy the advertising rivalry.
  7. Michael Delaney

    24 Hours Of Lemans

    24 Hours Of Lemans Saturday June 12-13 On SPEED Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm Saturday 6:00pm - 9:30 am Sunday AUTO-RACING - LM24: Peugeot On Provisional Pole - Go Lizards!
  8. Michael Delaney

    Hyperfest at SP Motorsports Park, 19 June

    Tired of kicking around the local parking lots with your buds to talk about cars and show off your ride? Come to HyperFest™ and hang out with thousands of like minded auto enthusiasts. It is all here......come to play or just come to watch...or better yet, DRIVE... Admission: $20...
  9. Michael Delaney

    Your Favorite Pubs/Taverns

    List your favorites in any city with reasons why they are your favs. I'll start: Max's Tap House. Located in Fells Point, Baltimore. Has a very large beer selection and great atmosphere. Max's Taphouse Rated 14th Best Beer Bar in the world! Best Beer Bars 2009 Heroes Pub. Located in...
  10. Michael Delaney

    Twelve Hours of Sebring this Saturday

    American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron 2010 On SPEED: AUTO-RACING - NASCAR News, F1 News, and Racing News on SPEED -
  11. Michael Delaney

    The Rolex 24 at Daytona 24 this weekend

    The Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend The grueling Daytona 24 hour race is taking place this weekend. My interest will be in the GT class. Cars that are actually based on “showroom stock” cars will be racing. There will be Camaro’s, Corvettes, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, BMW’s, Pontiac’s, and...
  12. Michael Delaney

    The Road

    Great Movie! Extremely depressing though. Bad time of the year for this movie to be released. I left the theatre feeing far from cheerful.
  13. Michael Delaney

    AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Budds Creek

    The third and final round of the Monster Energy Triple Crown of Motocross will take place this weekend (Saturday, August 22) at Budds Creek MX Park. MOTO-RACING - AMA MX: Reed, Pourcel Lead Into Budds Creek -
  14. Michael Delaney

    AMA Pro Motocross Championship at legendary Budds

    AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Budds Creek Whoops! Delete please.
  15. Michael Delaney

    Now this is racing!

    Trans-Am racing at Road Atlanta. The sound gives me goosebumps! Trans-Am at Road Atlanta - March 09 on Vimeo Sorry NASCRAP! You would lose!
  16. Michael Delaney

    Don't let children eat ATV's! Lol!

    I first heard this last night on Wind Tunnel, SPEED Channel... New law prohibits the sale of motorcycles/ATV's to children 12 years and younger. New law prohibits the sale of motorcycles, ATVs to children 12-years and younger MORGANTON - A new federal law banning small amounts of lead...
  17. Michael Delaney

    Sebring 12Hrs ALMS race Saturday!

    Who on here is going to watch Sebring this weekend? It should be a great race! Seeing the diesels battle it out in LMP1 is going to be awesome. Also the GT2 cars should provide a great race. Sebring International Raceway Go Flying Lizards! Flying Lizard Motorsports: performance sportscar...
  18. Michael Delaney

    Usf1 !

    A U.S. Formula One Team! It seems that this really might happen. FORMULA-ONE - F1: USF1 Ready To Roll -
  19. Michael Delaney

    Armband ID holder?

    I had seen someone using a armband ID holder while going through the gate on their motorcycle at NAS Jax recently. As I was struggling with getting my ID and paper base pass this morning while coming through the NAS Pax gate I was wondering where I might find an armband ID holder?
  20. Michael Delaney

    RIP Phil Hill

    American motorsports has lost one of its greatest legends with the passing of Phil Hill at his home in California. He was 81. In 1961, Phil Hill became the first American to win the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship, a record he still shares only with and Mario Andretti. But Hill won...