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  1. Biscuit

    Any Teacher Ever Busted you Out!

    Hey, I had this one happen the other day, Ever had one of your kids teachers run lips about the crazy #### you did as a kid?:crazy:
  2. Biscuit

    Farmers Do It Better

    Lewiston, ME As the snow, wind, and blizzard conditions continue to clobber the Mid-Atlantic States, the editors of the Farmers Almanac are sitting back with big smiles on their faces. The Farmers’ Almanac, a 186-year-old publication that makes long-range weather predictions without fancy...
  3. Biscuit

    60 Minutes II - Sadam

    Gee - I don't know about you guy's, But Sadam has convinced me. . . . :barf: What a crock of $h!t
  4. Biscuit

    How Long?

    Here is a good conversation we had at work. Do you think the United States of America will still be around in a thousand years?
  5. Biscuit

    Iraqis have stepped up their efforts

    For the past few weeks, the Iraqis have stepped up their efforts to target the drones, Pentagon sources said. I say we need to avenge our Drones. After all, Drones are people too...
  6. Biscuit

    Who is on your TOP TEN List!

    At the end of any year you start seeing the top 10 list for the year. (Most Beautiful, Most Popular, ECT...) Here is mine for the Most Hated! 10) SmallTown 9) SmallTown 8) SmallTown 7) SmallTown 6) SmallTown 5) SmallTown 4) SmallTown 3) SmallTown 2) SmallTown 1) ...I think you...
  7. Biscuit


    So, Who believes in the possiblity of Aliens and Abductions?