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    Electric car stops in the middle of street, updates its software, locks passengers in

    That would be another reason why my uncle doesn't like EV's more. I was helping him installing the brake kit and American racing truck wheels on his Ram when his wife's cousin pass by on his Model S. He said how he hate the fancy tech. Can't blame him, he's a huge diesel guy anyway.
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    Our bingewatch now: Boardwalk Empire

    Wifey started watching the Board Empire and been talking about it. Now I watch with her sometimes on my free time.
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    Pioneer Quest - A year in the real west

    That's an incredible craftsmanship indeed!
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    Who did it better?

    Another vote for Sophia.
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    Idiot of the year contender

    Lol on those cases. They really pushed the rigs too much for the sake of fun.
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    What truck should I get?

    It's cleaning for some dust build up.
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    What truck should I get?

    Chevy Colorado CC 4x4 is a good choice indeed. One guy here brought his 2016 Colorado 4x4 CC diesel for new set of tires and vision wheels plus brake job. He is towing his boat @5000lbs without any issue with average of 25mpg. Imo, the v8-powered Silverado 1500 CC 4x4 is another good choice.
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    It is work related. Not final yet but a high chance.
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    Saw This Truck Yesterday Going To Bucs Game

    That's one monster truck.
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    Currently in Hinesville, GA.
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    Thank you for the welcome!
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    I see, thanks.
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    We are processing our move to (ML)Maryland.
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    Nice pic! Can't wait to come to ML.