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  1. vraiblonde

    Sporcle Fat Tuesday

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    Speaking of disgusting perverts...
  3. vraiblonde

    Weinstein convicted

    AMF I'm morbidly curious about his deformed genitalia.
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    Here's what I don't understand:

    Democrat leaders and media shills have been trying for decades to turn Americans into Socialist loving progbots. Now that there's a big enough demographic to elect a Socialist progbot President, they're freaking out and saying that's not what they want...
  5. vraiblonde

    I think the coronavirus is a fraud

    The Chinese are just trying to screw with our economy by playing into our penchant for media manipulated hysteria. :yawn:
  6. vraiblonde

    I probably won't vote anymore after 2020

    I'm not sure who comes after Trump, but it will most likely be someone who'll **** it all up again and won't continue the rebuilding of our country. We do stupid things in this country (like supporting Socialism).
  7. vraiblonde

    Neil Young hates Trump

    YAWN! Not sure why that's front page news for Fox, who is getting as bad as the rest of them with this filler garbage that nobody cares about. Every single day FoxNews feels the need to fill me in on what happened on The View. Hey Fox? If I gave a crap I'd watch the freaking thing. Online...
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    Do you eat the same breakfast every morning or do you change it up?
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    Orange man bad! "Advice columnist (and renowned mental case) E. Jean Carroll announced on Twitter earlier this week that she had been fired from Elle, the French-style fashion magazine, back in December...
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    Baby doing well after being born on the side of the road State Police say the mother was headed to the hospital when she went into labor. An off-duty medical professional found the woman and helped her deliver the baby on the side of...
  11. vraiblonde

    Parker Posey

    THAT'S who Amy Klobuchar reminds me of. Every time she speaks I'm like.... .... ??? But I couldn't bring her up....until now. Meg Swan from Best in Show!
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    I love this country!

    Because 'Murca! :patriot:
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    MikeyB calls it

    "The real winner of the debate last night was Donald Trump."
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    Plantar Fasciitis relief

    These things are like a miracle: They have similar products at CVS and Walgreens. It's like an Ace bandage with a ball of silicone at the arch of your foot. With this KOA job I'm on my feet a lot. So I wear support...
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    Who needs a job?

    Bloomberg is astroturfing Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is hiring hundreds of workers in California to post regularly on their personal social-media accounts in support of the...
  16. vraiblonde

    Your daily "ha ha, vote better next time" Liberals: "Our city has turned into a freaking mess." Also Liberals: "I only vote for Democrats." It's amazing that they're supposedly so educated, yet can't seem to make a...
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    Why do you suppose she said this?

    Pandering, sure, but was there no one on her staff who said, "Uh, Amy, let's rethink this...."?
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    Yeah yeah, you reflexively winced and made a sneery face. Defined as "the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics." I'm not sure how you'd control human breeding, but wouldn't it be a worthy goal to...
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    Her poor fiance.... :lmao: