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    A COVID-19 Humor Thread (Making Viral Lemonade)

    For the non-Facebookers...
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    Exclusive: Legendary special operations aviator reveals bin Laden mission details for the first time
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    More Humor...

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    More Humor...

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    Military Retirees

    I'm not home now but, I'm pretty sure I got mine in the mail. It's also available on
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    She Guevara Rants!

    That's one of those undefinable terms, like "Fair Share".
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    Iranian Air Force

    Breaking - Iranian Air Force Prepares for WWIII
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    Got another email from Steny today

    I got the same thing. I don't know how I got on his mailing list. I would reply but I doubt that it would be read.
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    More Humor...

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    That escalated quickly

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    New Cross-Country Record

    Sounds fun!
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    Pot calls kettle black or Schiff's gottta Schiff

    Yep, now those words are out there. It will be just like people believing that Sarah Palin actually said she can see Russia from her house.