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  1. Dead Eye

    Just a Wall

    Or is it the bike
  2. Dead Eye

    Lied to

    Went to the kideo's concert tonight and was asked to not forget the camera so I was sure not to! Sat down in a isle seat were I could get a descent shot and set the flash at full zoom and full power, cam at iso400, 160th second took test shot and was ready The Conductor tells everyone...
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    Upgraded the cellular modem to Verizon 4G LTE, Here in the county it connects to 3G and gets an average of 1.1 Mps on download and .4 Upload Baltimore test~ 9 Mps down and 3Mps up Smoking New York test1 8 down and 2.5 up New York test2 .5 down and 4 up Anyone test in DC yet?
  4. Dead Eye

    Propane 20 # bottle

    Got a bottle of cooking gas to fry the turkey today. I did a refill not exchange, the weight filled into bottle was 17.2 pound (checked by a refrigerant scale) . The volume was a tick over 4 gallon. Propane is 4.2# per gallon Price 25$ So why is the bar-b-q ~ called a 20 pound bottle?
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    Slide scanner

    In need of a high quality slide scanner (like a nikon coolscan) I have 160 color slides to scan of Africa safari. Any one have one?
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    In the eye

  7. Dead Eye

    Cell phone Dead Zone

    Do you have a Dead Zone on your property? A area were its hard to place a call but if you go outside or around the house you can. I need to test a cell repeater in a location like this. TIA
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    Linux and NDISWRAPPER

    I need some help installing a driver with ndiswrapper and googled to no avail. Can someone walk me through it?
  9. Dead Eye

    Mr X

    Holds the foamcore A great shoot and many thanks to Mr X for all his help.
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    Kickin it

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    I am in need of upgrade. Recommendations please.
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    Coo Coo for Co Co puffs

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    I see you!

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    I think I can Flyyyyyy

    I think I can fly awayyyyyyy They grow so fast! Only a few short month ago he was a egg.
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    Saint Michaels Auction MARY LOU TROUTMAN will be there 4:00 till 8:00 pm with her awesome work. There will be four works by Keith Wood and Myself (Osprey Prints) at the main auction. Lots of stuff ~ Boats,Bikes,Furniture,Art _ U name it its...
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    Just Born Osprey

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    Little Birdie