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    Local Handyman?

    I have also found an available and competent handyman to be a problem. I live in Charles County about 7 miles from Charlotte Hall. Does anyone know of a handyman who is good, honest, and reliable but reasonably priced--or is that a only a dream. I have had some bad experiences--high priced...
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    I Am So Happy With Today's Election Results

    Since I live in Charles now, I didn't look up St. Mary's. I didn't know about Jackie Russell, Roy Dyson, and Bohanon lost. I sure am surprised. Three great men. Sorry they lost.
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    I Am So Happy With Today's Election Results

    The election news just keeps getting better and better! Gov. Elect Hogan just got Brown's phone call. Maybe Hogan will be able to abolish some of O'Malley's taxes. I have such high hopes for the Republican Senate. Wonder if Obama will spend the next 2 years playing golf and sulking. I just...
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    Garage Door - New Installation

    I just had my gear box replaced last Friday by Lowes. I was very impressed with the service--the installers arrived as promised and were very efficient and knowledgeable iin installing the new equipment. Lowes prices were excellent and I was told they would match other prices. I had a...
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    Ophthalmologist for cornea transplant

    Johns Hopkins Ophthalmologists I had to have a corneal transplant after a Waldorf ophthalmologist destroyed my left eye. The local doctor wouldn't admit anything was wrong and kept trying different painful treatments. My daughter finally made an appointment for me at Johns Hopkins (Wilner)...
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    Info About a House in Hughesville on Rt 5?

    Thank you all for your information. With all the police cars and the yellow tape, it looked as if it was a murder scene. I guess that wasn't too far from the truth. I'm glad they got the guy. Really thanks!
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    Info About a House in Hughesville on Rt 5?

    I'm so nosy, There are 4 or 5 sheriff's cars both on Rt 5 and in the driveway of a house across from the Farmer's Bureau. There is also yellow police tape around the house. It seems like a serious situation. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks.
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    Clean Up 4 U Trash Service

    I agree about missing T&S--I never had a problem with them. The Goode Company is awful!!! They keep missing my trash, and I never can get to speak to a person on the phone at Goode (Goode has a ridiculously long telephone menu but no way to speak to a person). My trash has been out there for...
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    Does anyone know of a bricklayer who can put down a walkway? I'm looking for someone who does good work, but who charges reasonable/low prices. I live in southern Charles County. Thank you for the help.
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    Brick walk repair?

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of a bricklayer who would repair a brick walkway (small job)? When I had the new well installed last November, the well people pulled up the bricks in the walk. The bricks are on sand and the area requiring repair is getting larger. I live in Charles County. I...
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    So, What's Happening?

    T's Cove had the Best Burritos! I miss the boat races; the Saturday night dances; party lines, because there weren't enough phone lines. (I lived in DC during the week, so party lines were a great treat); walking through the seaweed in the Potomac River with a push net, and catching "doublers"...
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    Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Needs New Home

    He would probably do great with horses. He use to live on a farm but I am unsure of what was on it. I don't have pictures just yet but I can take them on Monday. He is a black and gray Blue Heeler. He is really pretty. His name is Zip.
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    Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Needs New Home

    Friendly, intelligent, affectionate 2 1/2-year old neutered male. Great with children and other dogs. Loves cats too. Needs home on a farm with room to run. Will deliver to good home in the area. Call Laurie 301-751-0097
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    whats up with???

    I feel so bad about this "incident" I too am a Charles County resident. I have an electric fence, so my dogs (a golden retriever and two English springer spaniels) won't leave the yard, but someone can walk on to the property--into my back yard. Although my dogs are never outside when...
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    Wilson Road Accident

    I am very happy that everything is okay. I know you were worried.
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    Wilson Road Accident

    Have you heard from your friend? Have you heard from your friend?
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    Good buffet in St Marys

    The Roy Rogers is going to move down near the LP Post Office. I have heard that it will not have a drive-in window at the new location. They are going to tear down the old Roy Rogers and build a drug store. Can't remember...I think maybe it's going to be a Walgreens. I don't know about the...
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    A visit to your friendly local post office.....
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    Bella Salon and Spa

    Thank you for writing about your experience at the Bronze Door. I wasn't sure how to use my gift certificate. Now I'm anxious to go for the massage.
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    Bella Salon and Spa

    I got a gift certificate for the Bronze Door, but I haven't used it yet. Has anyone gone there, expecially for a massage? How was it? I think it seems expensive.